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Transfer of Equity in Wavertree

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Remortgage Solicitors Wavertree

Homeward Legal's panel of solicitors carry out remortgage conveyancing for Wavertree clients every week.

We strive to complete your remortgage legal work quickly, so that you benefit from your new mortgage deal as soon as possible.

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Conveyancing in Wavertree Q & A's

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Updated: 16/10/16

Drivers are well catered for with Wavertree enjoying very convenient major road access approximately 1.4 miles off the M62.

Wavertree's nearest train station is Edge Hill at 1 mile s. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is 5 miles from Wavertree. Howarden Airport is 16 miles and Eccles Airport is 23 miles away.

Liverpool, 57 Greenbank Rd is a nearby hospital to Wavertree.


I am looking for a low cost conveyancing quote. and what is included?


The confusion over what is, and is not, included in a 'cheap' quote leaves many buyers paying out more than they anticipated in the end, and many solicitors offer cheap conveyancing, but additional fees can pad the solicitor's invoice. Additional fees ought to be fair. They be applicable if your lawyer must perform additional tasks on your behalf, which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. Third party costs, termed disbursements, to be paid should also be included on any quote for conveyancing in WavertreeWe offer quotes, not estimates, and clearly state all legal fees you pay for a standard conveyancing transaction.


Solicitors in Wavertree carry out official searches when they are instructed by a home purchaser, but which particular ones?


If purchasing and obtaining a mortgage lender mandates at least a specified set of searches, including these searches - Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW) and Environment Search, and occasionally specific searches, which may include a Commons Registration Search.


My mortgage lender is Yorkshire Bank - is there anything we need to know?

Prior to recent changes, most conveyancing solicitors were able to undertake legal work for a lender. Recently, a number of lenders have opted to reduce the size of their 'solicitor panel'. Homeward Legal are able to act for the vast majority of mortgage lenders.


What kind of due diligence regarding the risk and history of local flooding to properties in Merseyside will the lawyer in Wavertree give an account of?


A key component in the legal process involves the conveyancing lawyer conducting property conveyancing searches that provide you with specific information about the potential Wavertree flood risk.


There is a lot of free information about doing ones own conveyancing as a buyer and seller of a maisonette , Would it be a false economy to enact the legal work on my own?


If you wish to try you can certainly take care of the conveyancing without the services of Wavertree property solicitor .

Above all else have a go conveyancers are not covered by acceptable indemnity insurance which every solicitors firm are compelled to have.


What are Wavertree 'conveyancing searches'?


Searches are a prescribed set of questions requested by your solicitor via one of several specific organisations. You need to be aware that, these searches only relate to facets affecting the legal title.


We have found a buyer and have a quote from you. Might there be any additional costs?


No. Our solicitors never hide any hidden extra charges for standard conveyancing legal work. Know that some solicitors' firms will give a low estimate, not an accurate quote, which could be totally different to your final invoice.


How do we calculate SDLT, and what should we budget for a £912000 home?


The Stamp Duty payable is dependent on the house's price. On a £912000 house, stamp duty will be £36480 (information accurate July 2012).