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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in York Q & A's

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Updated: 23/10/16

As reported in the most recent (2011) national census, York has a residential population 562,439 spread over an area of 1,213,002 acres which equals a population density of 0.5 people per acre.

The closest train station to York is Broomfleet and York's nearest airport is Kirmington, Humberside International Airport.

Beverley, Westwood is a nearby hospital for York.


How do I find affordable conveyancing?


Several firms purport to offer theoretically cheap conveyancing. Often additional fees are often hiding in the terms of engagement. A quote for conveyancing in York should state applicable disbursements. Charges should be reasonable and clear and come into force only if the lawyer must complete unanticipated additional work in your interest, which could not be anticipated at the start of the process.


If a contaminated plot is found in an York environmental search, can the soil be remedied?


If land has been contaminated by industry or agriculture, remediation can often be possible, although it can be expensive, and local authorities will usually be responsible. A local provider such as Lindum Seeded Turf Ltd, West Grange Farm Main St, Thorganby, York, YO19 6DJ can provide more information.


How can I find if any of the York conservation areas are in a deteriorating state?


The inventory of the state of Yorks conservation areas is recorded by English Heritage and the following information is available at English Heritage: The Racecourse and Terrys Factory with York marked as at risk with unknown vulnerability and condition improving, Strensall with York marked as at risk with unknown vulnerability and no significant change, Towthorpe with York marked as at risk with unknown vulnerability and no significant change. Call 01904 551329 for more information.


I have read about DIY conveyancing as a seller of a house - Is it wise to take care of the conveyancing on a DIY basis without any help?


In theory, there is no reason why you cannot look after the legal process yourself.

However, a solicitor is in charge of a large array of tasks including chasing deeds and apportioning service charges which need a qualified solicitor. AT any rate legal practices are under a duty to pay for professional indemnity insurance that protects you in the event of failures made by the lawyer.


Which York lenders do you work with?


Of lenders with offices around York, Homeward Legal work with the vast majority. Local mortgage lenders and brokers include I2I Financial Planning Group Ltd, 25 Stratford Way, Huntington, York, YO32 9YW, Glenmoor Management, 548 Huntington Rd, Huntington, York, YO32 9QA, and Paul H Sugden, Moatfield, York, YO10 3PT.


I am buying a York property with National Westminster Bank, what do we need to be aware of?


Some lenders have reduced the number of firms on their approved panel, resulting in increased conveyancing costs for house purchasers if their chosen solicitor cannot act for the lender. Homeward Legal can act on behalf of many mortgage lenders.


If I am buying next to a rectory built in the 15th Century in York, will we need a chancel search?


Owners of property in a neighbourhood near older church buildings may be required to pay for repairs. This is referred to as chancel repair liability. A chancel search addresses if such a liability exists. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. The solicitor acting on your behalf will confirm that a chancel search is appropriate. Church properties in the area where a chancel search may be necessary include St Luke, Burton Stone Lane, St Aidan, St Paul's and St Hilda.


What causes York property legal work for a sale to be so delayed?


The conveyancing process will sometimes endure stressful setbacks for many reasons. In some cases, the reasons are out of a lawyer's control. Homeward Legal appreciate how difficult it can be to face these and work hard to curtail their effect by proactively handling all enquiries. Reasons for delay can include the time taken to return management information.