Complete list of included conveyancing fees


Complete list of included conveyancing fees

Thu 06 Oct 2016 by Lorraine Imhoff

Written by Lorraine Imhoff

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Homeward Legal believe that the price you are quoted is the price you should pay when you move.

Many firms charge additional fees over and above what they quote.  Often these 'additional fees' are actually routine parts of the standard conveyancing process, and as such no such fee should be charged.

The following table gives example of the sort of additional fees some firms charge, all of which Homeward Legal include with your quote:

The following fees are included
with Homeward Legal

Many solicitors
will charge

(Check their terms and conditions)

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Fee £100

Notice/Deed of Assignment  
(does not include freeholder/Landlord disbursements if applic.)

Exchanging contracts and completing the transaction within 5 days of each (Simultaneous exchange and completion) £50 to £100
Fee for arranging / Dealing with Indemnity Insurance issues (does not include disbursement cost of insurance policy) £150 to £50
Dealing with additional enquiries in relation to your property transaction £150
Dealing with a Freehold Management Company 
(not including freeholder/Landlord disbursements)
Researching and setting up a Title Repair / Title Indemnity Policy  
(does not include cost of policy premium)
Providing copies of property searches £30
Obtaining copy documents from third parties
(not including disbursement cost of document)
Professional Indemnity Contribution Fee £100
Removal of a registered Caution or Restriction at the Land Registry £95
Dealing with Apportionments on Leasehold transactions £100
Dealing with Notices of Assignment on Leasehold Transactions  
(does not include freeholder/Landlord disbursements if applic.)
Obtaining leasehold management information on leasehold sale
(does not include freeholder/landlord disbursements if applic.)
Bank transfer (TT Fee) - We include one free in our fee! £35 ea
Arranging / Dealing with Indemnity Insurance issues
(does not include cost of insurance premium)
£150 to £50
New build property supplement on purchase transactions £150 to £100
Third party ID checks £75
Inward payment processing fee £35
Fee for calculating service charge arrears
(does not include actual service charges due)
Data Protection Act 1998 - access to personal records £30
Auction Supplements £100
Preparation or approval of a Key Undertaking £50


Please note that the fees outlined above are examples of how they are commonly described.  Individual firms descriptions of these fees may vary.