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Conveyancing In Kineton Q & A's

The survey revealed that no planning consent was obtained for an extension: What are the issues I’ll face?

The chartered surveyor inspecting the property will check any extensions or works that have occurred and highlight any concerns for the attention of your conveyancing solicitor, who will make enquiries with the local authority to establish whether the consents and building regulations are in place.

If the building regulations agreement is not in place, the vendor is not legally allowed to sell the property until they are, since the title deeds cannot be transferred to your ownership. If building requiring planning consent is present at the property but without proof of consent approval, the local authority might be willing to accept a retrospective approval, although this could take a long time, and, even then, they may instruct you, as the new owner, to return the building to its former state, which could be very costly.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take, including whether the retrospective planning or the reversal of building works can be renegotiated from the agreed sale price.

What is stamp duty and land transaction tax?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a proportion of the final sale price of a property payable to HMRC by the buyer. The current trigger threshold is for any property priced at £125,000 or over (unless you’re a first-time buyer, in which case you pay less or no tax for properties priced at less than £500,000). Your solicitor will handle the transfer of the tax as part of the final tasks on your conveyancing.

In Scotland, buyers have to pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and, in Wales, the Land Transaction Tax is triggered at properties priced over £180,000.

In all cases, the amount payable is based on a sliding scale as the price goes up as a proportion of that range added together than an overall flat tax amount or percentage. So, the higher the price goes up, the greater the amount of tax you have to pay.

Where do I find out more data the status of the conservation areas in Kineton?

Conservation area concerns for example upkeep of paths or advertising hoardings are handled by the local authority (Stratford-on-Avon). English Heritage, a government body, have conducted a survey and created records about the condition of conservation areas in Kineton and across England as well as the trend of the area.

Which Kineton mortgage lenders do you work with?

Homeward Legal have worked with the majority of lenders assisting home buyers in Kineton. Local mortgage lenders and brokers include Midland Mortgage Services, 1A Keswick Green, Leamington Spa, CV32 6NA, Positive Mortgages, 32 Timber Court, Rugby, CV22 5AZ, and M B M B S Ltd, Deppers Bridge, Southam, CV47 2SY.

We are planning to buy in Kineton. Are there many conservation areas?

The areas located near Kineton include numerous conservation areas. The advantages of these restrictions include preservation of an area's historic charm, but they can add to maintenance costs. Your solicitor will offer more information.

I am planning to buy a 1950's property. Do we need conveyancing searches?

These searches are a set of enquiries carried out for the buyer, such as a drainage search, and consider issues and defects relating to the property's legal title.