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Transfer of Equity in Ponthir

A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

Homeward Legal's solicitors offer expert legal assistance with your transfer of equity.

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Conveyancing in Ponthir Q & A's

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Updated: 30/11/16

Local key data:

The closest airport to Ponthir is Bristol Airport. Cardiff Airport is 23 miles and away and Cwmbran station is around 3 miles from Ponthir.

Ponthir is close at inside 2 miles off the M4 junction entry 25a Eastbound.

The most convenient hospital to Ponthir is St Cadocs Newport.


We need to find a cheap solicitor quote to own a house. and what is included?


Misleading conveyancing quotes catch out many buyers and sellers, leaving them to pay sometimes £100s more than planned. Many law firms claim to offer supposedly cheap conveyancing quotes, but additional charges will be included in small print which buyers and sellers may have not read carefully The quote should also state any disbursements.Our quotes are not estimates, stating all the solicitors fees you will pay for a standard sale or purchase.


Solicitors in Ponthir apply for a number of searches if instructed to act for a property buyer - what specific searches?


If you are getting a mortgage lender will expect specific searches, including the following Local Authority, Drainage Search and Environment Search and, depending on certain criteria, area-specific searches, which might include Cheshire Brine Search.


What amount of time may be planned for the legal work to transfer a house require, on average?


Generally speaking, the amount of time taken to sell or purchase residential property varies, dependent on potentially

many legal considerations such as whether a mortgage is involved. 8 to 12 weeks is the average for many firms, whereas our solicitors work towards four to six weeks, wherever possible.


Conveyancing searches are conveyancing protocol but with recent climactic events for instance the extensive river flooding in Wales are they the best way to see sufficient information about the Ponthir risk of flooding?


Your Ponthir property lawyer should get flood searches if the initial conveyancing searches identifies a significant risk Ponthir flood risk area data

It may be sensible to contact a neighbour to gain further local information.


Do we need to instruct the conveyancing suggested by my estate agent in Llantrisant?


An agent may refer a conveyancer, however, these referrals should be compared against alternatives, as the agent may prefer to suggest whichever firm pays the most per referral, not the most suitable for you.


It seems that tin soil contamination may be an issue in Ponthir. Please advise.


Some metal contamination may have occurred throughout Ponthir, but an plot will be marked as 'contaminated land' if the risk to human life is unacceptable. The local authority for Ponthir will be able to provide more detail on cases of contamination.


Which local authority looks after Ponthir?


Ponthir is located in London Borough of Newham Council, Newham Dockside, 1000 Dockside Road, London, E16 2QU, Call: 020 8430 2003


How do we work out stamp duty tax, and what will we need to pay on a £1114000 house?


The rate of stamp duty you pay is dependent on the value of the property. It is £55700 on a £1114000 property.