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Fixed-rate mortgage deals for first-time buyers are becoming ever more competitive and accessible.

Research by has revealed that two-year fixed-rate deals have been reduced consistently since August last year.

Rates on all loan-to-value (LTV) deals have dropped, but it’s the higher tier LTVs – 90 and 95 percent – that are most appealing to FTBS and where there have been the greatest reductions. says the average two-year fixed rate where an FTB borrows 95 percent of the value of their new home has dropped to 3.25 percent in the last five years, a decrease of 2.08 percent.

In that same period, the 60 percent LTV rate has only fallen by 1.06 percent, to 1.90 percent.

More lenders are now offering fixed-rate deals in the 90 and 95 percent LTV bracket, widening the pool of available mortgages to FTBs who have a deposit.

Darren Cook of said: “First-time buyers or those borrowers seeking higher LTVs seem to have benefited the most as providers appear to be competing for this business by driving interest rates down.”