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31 Jul, 2016/ by Homeward Legal /Buyer, First Time Buyer, Sale & Purchase

What is Street Talking?

Street Talking is a new generation of neighbourhood intelligence report, and is now part of the property searches with Homeward Legal. Designed to support prospective home buyers with their decision, it provides a range of buyer-friendly useful information to paint an accurate picture to show all sides of the property. The report includes essential data to evaluate the property in a particular area, and includes social neighbourhood data.

What is in the report?

Key features:

  • Local services data (education, local amenities)
  • House price information for the area and council tax bands
  • Existing planning applications within 100m of the property
  • Local demographics (social neighbourhood profile data)


  • Valuable insight on planning applications that could impact or highlight extension opportunities
  • Satisfied buyers have all the facts at their fingertips
  • Satisfied sellers feel that their property is fully marketed with as many questions answered up front

How do I get a Street Talking report?

When you are buying a house and have found a property solicitor, you will need to ask your solicitor to order the Street Talking report as part of your property searches. Alternatively, instruct a Homeward Legal solicitor and Street Talking is included in your search pack. Get a conveyancing quote here.

Is the report a disbursement?

The Street Talking report is part of your property searches, and these qualify as disbursements. Property Searches are essential for home buyers, however cash buyers are not required to order them. Anyone buying through a mortgage lender is required to order property searches. Not all solicitors will include the Street Talking report in their property searches, so be sure to ask.

Will I get the report with my Property Searches?

You won't find the Street Talking report with any solicitor you find. At Homeward Legal however, we think this report is so essential to home buyers that we have included it in our standard property search bundle. Why not get a quick conveyancing quote here and start your journey? We can help you from the very start of the property purchase process, as we work with solicitors around England and Wales that are fully client-focussed.

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