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Contract RaceAn expedition fee for competing against another buyer to exchange or for attempting to sell to two buyers at once.Sale or Purchase£200 / £300
Declaration of TrustAn agreement between individuals who have interest in the property that specific amounts of value will be allocated to each individual. This can be as straightforward as the initial deposit contributions or become complex when involving onward contributions from variable sources.Any£299 / £450
Deed of CovenantA legally binding agreement between you and the Freeholder (typically on Freeholder request) which sets out obligations such as property maintenanceLeasehold Purchase only£100 / £500 (size and type of the property)
Deed of Easement FeeThis gives the new owner the right to use land belonging to a third party in a particular way or to prevent them from using it for specific reasons such as right of way. Purchase£150 / £200
Deed of Postponement FeeRequired by lenders in order to prioritise certain ‘charges' (money against the house value such as secured loans) for them to be able to lend to you.
£100 / £150
Deed of Variation FeeEnables a landlord and tenant to change the terms of a property lease on agreement, such as keeping pets or using the property as a business.Leaseholder or Leasehold Purchaser£300 / £500
Indemnity PolicyA form of insurance against not knowing the answer to a questions or enquiry. This would typically arise when a lender requests for specific information that cannot be supplied or is not known. Paid to the insurer at cost price. PurchaseVariable but at cost price
Lock Out Agreement FeeAn agreement between a seller and a buyer giving the buyer exclusive rights to proceed with the purchase for a defined amount of time in order to prevent the seller from negotiating with other parties. PurchaseVariable on terms of agreement
Management PackTo provide a pack of Buildings Management/Freeholder information to the buyer, such as building insurance proof, ground rent charges etc. Paid to the Freeholder / Managing agent at cost price.Leasehold Sale onlyFree / £500
Mutual Deed of Covenant for flying FreeholdA legally binding agreement between you and the Freeholder (typically on Freeholder request) which sets out obligations on a property with a flying freehold (where a property is above or interferes with separately owned land)Leasehold Purchase only£100 / £500 (size and type of the property)
Notice of Transfer or assignmentAn agreement to pass on the responsibilities of the lease to someone else such as a seller to a buyer.Leasehold Purchase only£100 / £200
Removal of a registered Caution or Restriction at the Land RegistryRestrictions can be placed at the land registry against land or a property to prevent any owner from making any specific changes, such as painting the outside of the property.Sale or Purchase£60 / £80 per charge