No Completion No Fee Conveyancing

With the best will in the world and often for reasons outside of our control, some property deals fall through. About a third of all agreed property deals fall through, often very late in the day. When this happens both buyers and sellers often find that their solicitor or other conveyancer will charge them for the work done, even if it was the seller who withdrew. And the fees paid by the buyer for local searches will be wasted.

At Homeward Legal, we know that making moves in the property market can be a stressful business, and the last thing you need is to be worrying about losing money if a sale or purchase falls through. That's why we offer No Completion No Fee conveyancing as well as SearchPlus Protection to all our customers. We want you to enjoy complete peace of mind and our No Completion No Fee† (sometimes known as 'No Sale No Fee' or 'No Move No Fee') conveyancing, can offer exactly that.

What is the No Completion No Fee† conveyancing guarantee?

The No Completion No Fee conveyancing guarantee ensures that you will not lose money should your property purchase or sale falls through for any reason.

By choosing Homeward Legal when you're looking for a property solicitor, we offer a fixed-fee legal quote** for your conveyancing fees,. This means the legal fee we quote you will be exactly what you pay, with no hidden costs. Plus, if for any reason your property transaction falls through, our no completion no fee† protection means you don't have to worry about losing the conveyancing fees you have already paid.

What is the SearchPlus Protection?

The SearchPlus Protection means that if your purchase falls through for any reason, your second set of searches is free. This is another great way of saving money on your conveyancing.

For both guarantees, you must instruct a solicitor through Homeward Legal for both the first and second sale or purchase. You can find further information on our No Exchange No Fee conveyancing and SearchPlus Protection within our terms and conditions.

How does No Completion No Fee† conveyancing work?

We believe moving home should be an exciting prospect, not a stressful one. That's why we offer No Completion No Fee conveyancing to both buyers and sellers.

No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Sale No Fee Conveyancing)

If you're looking to sell your house and an offer comes in at a price you're willing to accept, it's only natural that you start to get excited about the next chapter and you begin to make plans for the future. However, we know that things don't always work out perfectly, and the buyer could pull out for any number of reasons.

If this happens at the last minute, you could be at risk of losing the money you've paid for the work that's already been done. But with No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Sale No Fee Conveyancing) services from Homeward Legal, you'll be protected.

No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Purchase No Fee Conveyancing)

Of course, the other side of that coin is that you might be looking to buy your next home. There are few more exciting steps to take in life, which is why it can be all the more frustrating when the seller has a change of heart or something falls through in their chain and the property is no longer up for sale.

In that instance, you could stand to lose out on the money you've spent on searches and various other services. But ourNo Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Purchase No Fee Conveyancing) and SearchPlus Protection mean you won't have to pay additional search costs when you buy another property.

Get one of Homeward Legal's great value quotes complete with Fixed Fees** and No Completion No Fee† protection!

Why do property deals fall through?

There can be any number of reasons why a transaction might fall through. It could be something to do with the property itself, or as a result of an unforeseen change in circumstances for either the buyer or the seller.

Why might a buyer pull out of a property deal?

Buyers rarely want to withdraw just because they have changed their minds. But they may have to do so if:

  • They are relying on the sale of their own property to release funds, and that deal falls through.
  • There is a major problem with the seller's title or if the searches and enquiries throw up an unexpected piece of information.
  • It's found that the person trying to sell the property does not actually own it, or does not own all the land the buyer was expecting to purchase.
  • The local search reveals that there are plans to build a new road or a large housing development next door to the property, which would substantially affect it.
  • property survey may also reveal unexpected defects. The mortgage lender might then be unwilling to lend the full amount required by the buyer, or will insert a condition in their offer that various works must be completed before the mortgage money is released. If a seller is not prepared to reduce the price or make some agreement regarding necessary works then the buyer will not be able to proceed.

Any of the above can and do frequently happen, which is why it makes sense for buyers to seek No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Purchase No Fee Conveyancing) as well as our SearchPlus Protection.

Why might a seller pull out of a property deal?

Of course, sellers can also sometimes pull out, perhaps because:

  • They can't find another property to move to.
  • The deal on the property they were due to purchase falls through.
  • They think they can get a higher price from another buyer.
  • A change in circumstances - perhaps in their personal or professional lives - means that it makes more sense for them to stay put.

It's frustrating when a house falls through meaning that the deal can no longer go ahead. But our No Completion No Fee conveyancing services mean sellers are at least protected from losing out too heavily.

What happens if a property purchase or sale falls through?

In England and Wales the courts will not enforce an agreement for the sale of a property unless there is a formal written contract signed by both seller and buyer. Consequently, anyone can pull out of a transaction at any time until contracts are exchanged.

That rule does offer both parties plenty of flexibility, but it can also prove frustrating if something goes wrong at the last minute. At least with No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing (sometimes known as No Purchase No Fee Conveyancing) and our SearchPlus Protection, you can set the wheels in motion on a deal with that added peace of mind.

Can you get your money back when a house sale or purchase falls through?

You can't recover conveyancing fees from the other party and many conveyancing firms will charge for the work they have done on a case that's fallen through, even if the other party has pulled out. The costs can be substantial, especially when a deal falls through just before contracts are exchanged.

If a deal collapses early on before the buyer's solicitors have applied for a local search, the search fees may be recoverable. But neither solicitors nor the local council will be able to refund search fees once the search has been put in hand.

Our No Completion No Fee conveyancing services and SearchPlus Protection relieve you of the worry that you might have to pay out for recovered services and searches. Some solicitors may offer guarantees that look similar - but you will have to pay extra for them!

How can you protect yourself when buying or selling property?

You don't want to be stuck with having to pay substantial legal bills if a deal falls through. Nor do you want to pay out again for new searches when you find another property to buy. So, it makes sense to have the benefit of Homeward Legal's No Completion No Fee conveyancing and SearchPlus Protection.

Get a No Move No Fee conveyancing quote

It's easy to find No Completion No Fee† Conveyancing near you. Whether you're buying or selling a property, make sure you benefit from Homeward Legal's fixed legal fees** and No Completion No Fee† Conveyancingby getting a conveyancing quote today.

Our conveyancing solicitors offer No Completion No Fee protection, as well as a SearchPlus guarantee, to provide you with that all-important peace of mind. Get a quote today or give us a call on to find out more.

Your Fixed Legal Fee** quote from Homeward Legal ensures that you pay no more than we have quoted you for and is based on the information you’ve provided to us being true and accurate.

There are specific circumstances on a minority of transactions that may require additional charges that could not be foreseen at the outset.

A list of those charges and explanations can be found here with details of the potential cost. These will only be charged following discussion with your conveyancer with a clear explanation of what they are for.

No Completion No Fee is our promise that in the unfortunate event that your property transaction falls-through you will not be liable for any of the conveyancer’s fixed legal fees for the work completed.

To secure this benefit a fee, already included in your quote, is taken upon on deciding to go ahead with your transaction.

Should your transaction fall through, for whatever reason, we can hold this amount on account for your next transaction or provide a refund.

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