At Homeward Legal, we are committed to providing fast and efficient service, both in terms of the legal work carried out by our solicitor partnership, and by offering an easy to use and jargon-free website to our clients.

Using the Site

We aim to provide a clear and informative online experience by:

  • Organising all content in a clearly readable format
  • Using an easy to read web font to aid legibility
  • Avoiding the use of unnecessary or confusing legal terminology
  • Using clear navigation to make it easy to move around the site


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to control the layout and presentation of pages. Tables are used to present data as required.


Content has been written with the intention of making it accessible and easier to read.

Headings are used to highlight sections of text

Where possible, plain English is used and legal terms are clearly defined.

The purpose of each link and button is clearly defined.

The tab key can be used to navigate conveyancing quote and contact us forms.


We are continually developing our sites to improve their accessibility and usability. We are unable to test all functionality in all browsers, software and hardware environments.

Please contact us on if you are experiencing difficulties getting a quote, accessing the site, or have feedback on your experience using our website.

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