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What are the average Conveyancing fees in 2013?

We’ve updated this article for Average Conveyancing Fees in 2016

It is not easy to state an average figure for Conveyancing fees.

Many years ago all Solicitors had to charge exactly the same fees, but nowadays they vary widely.

According to one source, the average fees for buying a house are in the region of £600 (not including VAT). Elsewhere a figure of £850 is mentioned, which seems surprisingly high.

Averages can be very misleading of course – one very high or low amount can skew the figures.

Statisticians may devise ways of avoiding these pitfalls, but the simplest thing is obtain several quotes and compare them carefully. Not just the amounts quoted, but the quality of service you can expect. 


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Average fees advertised online

Conveyancing services are widely advertised online, with some sites apparently offering incredibly low charges. These can seem like a bargain, but you need to be very careful to see what is included in the quote. 

Often the low figure won’t include legal work in connection with your mortgage. Additional charges may be added for doing basic work, such as completing the stamp duty form which has to be sent to the Revenue.

Make sure you are comparing apples with apples

Something else to ask is whether the quote includes a ‘no move, no fee’ guarantee – some solicitors include this and some don’t.

Unfortunately house purchases and sales often fall through – perhaps a survey finds a major fault, or a seller decides to pull out and wait for prices to rise. 

If your Solicitor has already done a lot of work, you could be charged for this.

So look for a ‘no move, no fee’ guarantee to make sure this will not happen to you.

Do firms which charge higher than average Conveyancing fees provide a better service?

Obviously they should, but it is not always the case. IN fact there is no established correlation between fee and service levels.

You may choose to pay more and not find out until it is too late, so it is a good idea if you can get an alternative indication of a firm’s quality before appointing them.

One way of doing this is to see if a Solicitors’ firm is an approved member of the Law Society’s Quality Conveyancing Scheme.

Look for the CQS logo on their website and letterheads. Members of this scheme must work to high standards and in accordance with a very detailed protocol.

Is the conveyancer independent?

Some of the companies which undertake Conveyancing are controlled or closely associated with large estate agency firms. Other law firms pay fees to estate agents for work to be referred to them. 

Conveyancing firms are regulated either by the Law Society or the Council of Licensed Conveyancers. But when you are buying a house do you want a Solicitor acting for you who may be more concerned with keeping in with the estate agent (who is working for the seller) or one who puts your interests first all the time?

Are they local?

Another question you might consider is whether the firm you are thinking of appointing has an office in the area of your property.

Although property law is the same throughout England and Wales, there are a many local peculiarities which make it desirable to choose a firm which is familiar with your location. 

A purely on-line company may be able to offer lower than average Conveyancing fees, but will the people there know anything about your region? Would you be able to call in at a nearby office if it became necessary to sign some documents in a hurry?

At Homeward we work hard to make sure that your Conveyancing work will be handled by an established firm of Solicitors with an office in your region.

They will be a member of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme, so you can be sure of high-quality service. 

The price we quote is a fixed fee, so you won’t find all sorts of extra charges added to the final bill.

So why not get a conveyancing quote now – we think our prices compare favourably with average Conveyancing prices across the country, and we believe you won’t get a better service anywhere else.