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Conveyancing In Abercynon Q & A's

Would getting a Homebuyer Report be advisable if we are buying a property in Abercynon?

We firmly recommend that you arrange a surveyor. A range issues can affect a property, which include severe weathering or wet rot.

What specific things do I need to look out for if I’m buying a house on the coast?

With worsening weather and floods now becoming increasingly commonplace, with the media remarking on it in depth, buying a property that has a likelihood of flooding is a difficult decision to make. Not only is there the issue of cleaning up if it does flood, but insurance premiums will be much higher (and perhaps even prohibitive).

For homes in coastal areas, there is also the problem of coastal erosion, where some properties have been seen to literally fall into the sea.

However, the good news is that picking a home in a coastal region doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to be subject to flooding or that it’s eventually going to slip into the sea. The searches ordered by your conveyancing solicitor will identify the level of risk associated with the property and, based on this, your solicitor may recommend that you take out specialist reports (e.g. from Landmark or other organisations) to get a more in-depth description of the risks and options. These are in addition to the standard set and will be charged to you as a disbursement at cost.

Your surveyor will also be able to identify evidence of previous floods and other problems during their inspection and provide advice in their report. If the problems are considered sufficiently severe, the surveyor may also note the specifics for further investigation by your conveyancing solicitor.

Should I change the locks after I move in?

It would be a wise move to replace the locks upon moving into your new home, for peace of mind if nothing else. Although you may have received a number of copies of the keys, you may not know accurately whether that bunch constitutes every copy.

Although changing the locks will be an extra cost, you may find that buildings insurance may look on the move favourably, too.

Need guidance on what to expect from the conveyancing and legal work associated with your planned move? Call our team at Homeward Legal on 0800 038 6699 and they'll get you set up today.

Following recent news about the major river flooding in Wales we are apprehensive that property conveyancing searches aren't sufficient?

A qualified conveyancing solicitor in Abercynon will recommend that you include flood searches if the first searches spots a significant risk Abercynon area flood risk

It may be sensible to get in touch with a local resident for some additional insight.

What does conveyancing searches cost?

With Homeward Legal's conveyancing service, a client in Abercynon is required to pay at a maximum £249 for a standard bundle of searches. Searches are charged at cost.

How long on average will it take my designated property solicitor to get through all of the conveyancing formalities on the lower floor of Edwardian house?

Getting contracts exchanged can take anywhere from around a month and twelve weeks, based on any number of things, such as the efficiency of the vendor's conveyancer, or the speed of the lender.

Our proactive property solicitors are very focused on communication and endeavour towards completing the legal process as quickly we can.

Does look after the legal conveyancing of auction properties in Abercynon?

Homeward Legal is able to act for buyers and sellers at auction. Often specialist lots e. g. tenanted properties, are bought in property auctions which will want extended examination. Conveyancers therefore strongly recommend buyers at auction to formally appoint an experienced lawyer well before the property auction for an investigation of the property's legal title. Subsequently, immediately after the auction day itself the lawyer is absolutely prepared for completing the purchase in the limited time as usually required .

What is stamp duty and land transaction tax?

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is a proportion of the final sale price of a property payable to HMRC by the buyer. The current trigger threshold is for any property priced at £125,000 or over (unless you’re a first-time buyer, in which case you pay less or no tax for properties priced at less than £500,000). Your solicitor will handle the transfer of the tax as part of the final tasks on your conveyancing.

In Scotland, buyers have to pay Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and, in Wales, the Land Transaction Tax is triggered at properties priced over £180,000.

In all cases, the amount payable is based on a sliding scale as the price goes up as a proportion of that range added together than an overall flat tax amount or percentage. So, the higher the price goes up, the greater the amount of tax you have to pay.