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Conveyancing in Abergavenny Q & A's

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Updated: 17/04/17

Abergavenny attractions

Abergavenny Black Mountains Falconry Centre Birds of Prey Centre and Blaenavon Ironworks Cadw are close at hand to Abergavenny.

Cardiff Airport is 32 miles from Abergavenny. and Abergavenny's closest train station is Abergavenny at 1 mile s.

The closest hospital for Abergavenny is Nevill Hall Abergavenny.


How do I get the best conveyancing rates for a £337,000 property?


Numerous property lawyers purport to offer theoretically cheap conveyancing, but additional costs are frequently hidden in the terms and conditions, left unread by preoccupied homeowners Costs included in the small print should be clearly defined. Our quotes are not estimates, stating all the solicitors fees you will pay for a standard sale or purchase.


Will we need a chancel search if I am buying a property next to a priory in Abergavenny?


Where land in Abergavenny was once owned by a lay-rector, new owners of that property may be obliged to contribute towards the cost of repairs to a medieval church. A chancel search addresses if such a liability exists. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. The solicitor acting on your behalf will confirm that a chancel search is appropriate.


Is a mining search paid to the solicitor?


All fees and disbursements ought to be stated on your quote, with any possible extra costs clearly listed. This charge is a disbursement not a fee, and is passed on to the buyer at cost.


How could conveyancing legal work take such a long time?

The legal work undertaken to transfer a house or flat in Abergavenny may potentially be delayed even in the best of circumstances. The causes are beyond the solicitor's power, Homeward Legal, however, strive to reduce their effect where it is possible to do so by pushing all parties involved. There are numerous reasons for delay, such as slow third parties such as landlords or managing agents.


Apparently, tin soil contamination may be an issue in Abergavenny. Can you advise?


Measures are taken in the areas around Abergavenny to identify and resolve soil contamination. The local authority for Abergavenny will be able to provide more detail on cases of contamination.


Do you work with mortgage lenders with offices in Abergavenny?


Of lenders with offices in Abergavenny, Homeward Legal work with all the major companies. Local mortgage lenders and brokers include Principality Building Society, 68 Frogmore St, Abergavenny, NP7 5AU.


What fact finding in respect to the risk of flooding at Monmouthshire will the lawyer in Abergavenny report back to us on?


An experienced conveyancing solicitor makes an application for standard formal property conveyancing searches that should include Abergavenny flood risk information.


We have a freehold property to purchase. How do we guarantee fast conveyancing?


As is often argued, faster conveyancing is essential to is to use a proactive conveyancing solicitor. Additionally, there are a number of tasks you could do to accelerate your conveyancing. These include:

  • calling or emailing the conveyancing solicitor, and chase them if you suspect any delays
  • quickly completing and return any forms
  • organising your finances, including arranging a mortgage