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  1. Fixed Price Conveyancing
    Our solicitors carry out all the conveyancing work for your house move for a fixed fee.
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    You will not be charged any solicitors fees, if for any reason your transaction does not complete.
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    With local experience, our solicitors will lead you through the whole of your sale or purchase.
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No additional fees whatsoever.

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Conveyancing In Ashington Q & A's

I have a requirement to complete on the legal process a leasehold apartment quickly, are you fast home moving solicitors in Ashington ?

Homeward Legal has a speed focused approach to completing the conveyancing work to meet the sellers requirements.

We have implemented cutting edge software systems . We always give you carefully selected conveyancing solicitor who will always communicate with everyone in the buyer and seller property chain such as managing agent companies, for a quick sale.

Do your house conveyancing solicitors manage the conveyancing for auction properties in Ashington?

Our recommended conveyancing firms in Ashington commonly act for auction buyers and sellers. Lawyers strongly advise auction buyers to appoint an experienced property conveyancing lawyer prior to the day of the auction to give enough time for a full investigation of the auction pack.

Subsequently, immediately after the property auction your appointed lawyer is completely geared up to finishing the purchase within as short a time frame as typically required .

The maisonette being bought is on a former industrial site. Is chromium top-soil contamination likely?

Metal contamination may have occurred throughout Ashington, but where substances causing significant pollution of surface waters or groundwater are found the land will be defined as 'contaminated'. Data on many contaminants, such as hazardous gases, will be included in an environmental search.

If we are buying in the parish of Corsenside, should we get a chancel search?

Your conveyancing solicitor might recommend that a chancel search be taken out, whichever parish in which the residence being purchased is found. Through some Parochial Church Councils have chosen to charge chancel repairs on new owners, a conveyancing solicitor cannot verify that a parish which has not imposed liability will not be so in future. It is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.

We are buying a property where the seller has fitted ill-suited stone cladding on the flat in Ashington which I think might possibly defy conservation area rules

A lawyer will identify whether the property is located within a conservation area, and if so, whether any alterations have the appropriate permission from the Northumberland planning authority.

We are buying a £949000 property in Ashington, how is SDLT calculated?

The SDLT you pay is calculated with reference to a small number of factors, including the purchase price. On a £949000 house or flat, stamp duty will be £37960.

What’s the difference between residential and commercial conveyancing?

In essence, there is very little difference between the tasks needed for residential conveyancing against commercial conveyancing. The real difference comes in the type of property and the purpose for which it is intended to be used.

The majority of residential transactions are freehold, whereas commercial transactions are almost exclusively leasehold, and commercial property conveyancing searches will tend to be more expensive because the structure and land will occupy a greater space on average than that for residential property.

Natwest will be our mortgage lender, is there anything I need to be aware of?

In some cases, lenders are now reducing the size of their 'solicitor panel'. This can mean higher conveyancing costs for purchasers. We will act for all large mortgage lenders, keeping buyers' legal costs to a minimum.