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  1. Fixed Price Conveyancing
    Our solicitors carry out all the conveyancing work for your house move for a fixed fee.
  2. No-Completion protection*
    You will not be charged any solicitors fees, if for any reason your transaction does not complete.
  3. Local CQS-accredited Solicitors
    With local experience, our solicitors will lead you through the whole of your sale or purchase.
Fixed Fee Conveyancing

No additional fees whatsoever.

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Conveyancing In Belvedere Q & A's

We are buying at auction and would like ensure a fast conveyancing transaction, what can we do to speed up our transaction?

Instructing a proactive solicitor is key a faster move. There are a range of tasks you can do to get moving sooner. These include:

  • arranging any finances require to complete the purchase
  • contacting your solicitor regularly
  • completing all forms as soon as possible

What sort of due diligence into the risk of local flooding in Bexley will the Belvedere conveyancing solicitor advise us on?

The conveyancing lawyer will carry out standard environmental searches, which include Belvedere area flood risk data. The most recent (05/01/13) reports on the Environment Agency don’t reveal any flood warnings in Belvedere.

I am moving in Belvedere, and have a quote from you. Could I be invoiced any extra charges?

No. Our solicitors do not charge any additional charges for any reason.

Which factors can contaminate land in Belvedere. Will they be comprehensively investigated?

Many of contaminants caused by naturally-occurring factors can lessen the desirability property in Belvedere, like proximity to scrap yards and hazardous and regulated installations. An environmental search will give more information.

I have found an increasing number publications on the subject of how to do DIY conveyancing for example Bradshaw's Guide to Diy House Buying Selling and Conveyancing. Do we necessarily want to use a solicitor in Belvedere ?

There is absolutely no argument why you cant take care of he conveyancing without the help of property solicitor in Belvedere. In reality however, a lawyer juggles a huge number of exercises ranging from chasing outstanding papers or handling retentions most of which require training. Even more importantly have a go conveyancers will be working without applicable insurance that firms and their solicitors always possess.

My local agent has named a firm of solicitors. Do I need to use them?

Estate agent referrals are a not uncommon route to find a solicitor. However, if they are paid a referral fee, there is a risk that the agent may suggest the firm which pays to the largest referral fee, not the best solicitor for your needs.

When do you need to speak to a conveyancer in Belvedere?

If you use a conveyancing firm offering a 'no move, no fee' guarantee, the earlier in the process you can instruct a conveyancing firm, the better. Instructing a solicitor early for a purchase enables you will the details of your Belvedere solicitor ready when you make an offer, or, if you are selling a property, prior to marketing the property, documents can be prepared to make it potentially more attractive to motivated buyers.

How can we verify that a house is in a conservation area?

Locales deemed to be of historical or architectural value, such as picturesque villages, will be designated as conservation areas. A conveyancing solicitor will discuss the relevant responsibilities you would be taking on by purchasing in a conservation area and advise further for conservation areas in Belvedere.