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Conveyancing In Brixham Q & A's

How long should I expect it to take our property solicitor to finish all of the conveyancing work on the lower floor of Edwardian home in Brixham?

The legal process can take anywhere from around a month to 12 weeks, which can depend on a number of things for example the speed of the sellers lawyer, or whether there are any linked sales. Homeward Legal's conveyancers are focused on pushing transactions through exchanging as rapidly as realistically possible.

What can a Brixham conveyancing lawyer do when the property we hope to buy is within a local authority conservation area and has unfitting cladding fitted?

Your property solicitor will make enquiries to establish whether your new home is inside a designated conservation area, and if so, whether any modifications have the required permission from the local planning authority.

Is antimony soil contamination likely in Brixham?

Soil contamination by industrial waste, including metals, will have occurred in parts of Brixham. Environment search results will factor contaminants, including metals and others such as groundwater contaminants like hydrocarbons and hazardous gases.

I am purchasing a church rectory in the parish of Aylesbeare. Is a chancel search necessary?

Your lawyer could advise that a chancel search be taken out. In older areas of Brixham, chancel repair has the potential to be charged on current owners of a building where parish councils have previously chosen not to do so. It is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.

Do your lawyers look after residential property auction conveyancing in Brixham?

Our property lawyers frequently work for auction buyers and sellers. Lawyers tend to suggest purchasers to formally appoint their property lawyer prior to the actual auction so there is time for a detailed review.

Following the property auction your dedicated lawyer is absolutely able to concentrate on completing all of the legal work inside 28 days as conventionally required .

What should I do about the transfer of ownership of the utility billing?

It is the responsibility of the former owners to inform the utilities firms (gas, electricity, water, etc.) that they are moving.

You should give your current suppliers at least 48 hours’ notice that you’re moving home and, when you leave your old property, you should take all the necessary readings and send them to your old supplier(s) along with your forwarding address, so that they can send you a final bill and sort out any credit you might be owed.

You should give your new utility suppliers at least 48 hours giving your personal details for the new property. When you move into your new property, you should take all the readings again and send them to the new suppliers so that they have a record of where to start the bills running.