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Updated: 15/10/17

Pertinent Cambridge travel and services facts -

As determined by the UK census, Cambridge's usual residential population is 421,467 people spread over an area of 461,188 acres (186,636 hectares) meaning a residential population density 0.9 people per acre (2.3 per hectare).


Cambridge attractions and landmarks


Impington Cambs Windmill, Cambridge All Saints Churches Conservation Trust and Cambridge Leper Chapel Historic Building are in the vicinity of Cambridge.

Cambridge is nearby at under 2m of junction entry 13 Southbound of the M11.

Cambridge's closest train station is Cambridge at 1 mile s. Cambridge's nearest airport is Cambridge City Airport. Stansted Airport is 23 miles away.

The nearest hospital for Cambridge is Cambridge.


I am trying to find discount conveyancing in Cambridge. How do we get a quote?


Many firms offer cheap conveyancing quotes, however extra charges can pad the final bill. Any extra costs should be reasonable. The Homeward Legal quote calculator will confirm the exact legal fees based on the property you are buying.


Which property searches does a conveyancer in Cambridge apply for on a Cambridge home purchase?


The routine conveyancing procedure is to obtain a Local Authority, Drainage (Con29DW or personal) and Environmental Search, plus, depending on certain criteria, some less common searches if your solicitor feels it is necessary, which might include Subsidence.

Read our Short Guide to Conveyancing Searches for more info.


What are Cambridge conveyancing searches? Are they compulsory?


If you have arranged a mortgage, your lender will specify certain searches, and yes these are compulsory.

These conveyancing searches will form a standardised bundle of queries to various local authorities, undertaken on your behalf by the solicitor, and will include, for example a Water and Drainage Search. Conveyancing searches are very informative, and can inform you of any environmental issues surrounding the property, but will

only relate to facets affecting the legal title, not the actual physical state of the property. For this you will need a survey.

Our Short Guide to Conveyancing Searches will give you more info.


I’m buying a house in Cambridge, will my solicitor use personal or official conveyancing searches?


This all depends on several factors, but your conveyancer will be able to talk you through the options. It may be that your mortgage lender specifies personal searches, in which case you will need a company like Searches UK - 0800 043 1815.


How long on average should I expect it to take our assigned conveyancing solicitor to handle all of the legal process for a detached property we are purchasing?


It can take anywhere from around a month to 12 weeks, which can be hampered by various things, such as the speed of the vendor's solicitor, or the turnaround of searches.

Our conveyancers are highly results-orientated, completing the legal process as promptly as we possibly can.


Would arranging a property survey be sensible when buying property?


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors strongly advise that Cambridge buyers book a property survey. It is a fact that there are many problems that will impact a property. These can include poor drainage or flat roof leaks, and issues such as these are not likely to be investigated as part of the conveyancing itself.


I must to exchange contracts on the legal work on my apartment inside a month, are Homeward Legal fast solicitors in Cambridge ?


Homeward Legal takes a very active approach to concluding the conveyancing work as fast as possible.

Our conveyancing solicitors try to communicate through all parts of the buyer and seller chain and that utilise new CMS systems to finish your house move to your preferred move date.


The Cambridge property being bought is on a ex-industrial use land. What should we do regarding barium topsoil contamination?


Soil contamination by industrial waste, including metals, will have occurred in parts of Cambridge. Data on many contaminants, such as groundwater contaminants like hydrocarbons, will be included in an environmental search.