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Conveyancing In Chepstow Q & A's

What authority keeps records for publishing the standard of neglect Chepstow and Chepstow conservation areas?

English Heritage, a government body, administer records of the state of repair of conservation areas. Conservation areas in Chepstow are nominated by the local authority (Monmouthshire) who police the state of the area including things like street clutter, removal of front gardens for parking and building materials used.

The Chepstow property being bought is on a brownfield land. Is the soil potentially contaminated?

Chepstow's local area has a history of contamination from agriculture or industry, like much of the UK. Land may also be contaminated by other sources, including perchlorate and water contaminants such as organic compounds.

Our local agent has suggested a property solicitor. Do I need to instruct them?

Agent recommendations are a common path whereby buyers get a solicitor. These referrals should be compared against alternatives, as there is a risk that an agent may choose the solicitor willing to pay the highest referral fee, not the most appropriate choice.

What can be done about trees with TPOs if they are cutting out the light into the house?

Tree Preservation Orders (or TPOs) are legal protections for individual trees, which means you are prohibited from pruning, cutting or removing the plant without the formal consent of the local authority. There are certain caveats such as whether it is causing an immediate danger to life, but the local authority will still need to be informed.

As a homeowner, you have a number of rights, including Right to Light: that is, you should expect natural daylight to enter your property through windows without being blocked (again there may be caveats which will be unearthed in the conveyancing). If a tree with a TPO has grown so much that it is blocking out light, you can apply to the local authority for permission to prune the tree sufficiently to return your Right to Light. It becomes more complex if the tree in question is on a neighbour’s property, and you should discuss any resulting costs with them.

Homeward Legal's solicitors have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of legal issues including TPOs, providing you with practical guidance and help. We are best placed to help you with your move, so call our team on 0800 038 6699 today.

What can a Chepstow conveyancing solicitor advise if the building I am buying is situated in a conservation area in Monmouthshire planning authority that possibly has unsanctioned dormer windows fitted?

Monmouthshire council enquiries conducted by a property lawyer during the conveyancing process should establish if the property is inside a designated conservation area proof of consent for changes to the property will be requested.