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Conveyancing In Chesham Bois Q & A's

Having heard about the fact that 2012 was second wettest year since records began we are wondering if flood searches aren't sufficient?

Conveyancing searches (environmental) conducted by a Chesham Bois property solicitor will also include the more specialist search (Landmark) if required.

If you are still apprehensive you could contact a neighbour or local resident.

What’s the difference between exchange of contracts and completion?

When you exchange contracts, this means that you are agreeing to all the terms drawn up within the contract made between you on one side of the transaction, and the opposite party on the other side. It is from this point that you are legally obliged to go through with the transaction (unless you want to be subject to financial and/or legal penalties).

The completion of contracts is the point where you officially take over ownership of the property, receive the keys and can move in. All monies are transferred between the various parties and the conveyancing solicitor contacts the Land Registry to register the change of ownership to you.

Confused by the jargon in conveyancing? Let Homeward Legal's straightforward and clear service help guide you to as early a completion as possible. Try our online quote generator or call us on 0800 038 6699.

How much effort is it to sort out a house in multiple occupancy (HMO)?

A house in multiple occupancy is defined as a property where at least three tenants live forming more than one household (one person or more living together), but share kitchen and bathroom facilities.

As a landlord of an HMO, your responsibilities include ensuring proper fire safety measures are in place, gas safety checks are completed annually, the electric system is checked every five years, there are sufficient bathroom and kitchen facilities for everyone to comfortably use, communal areas are kept clean and safe to use, and waste disposal is managed effectively (provision of bins and bags).

This requires more effort than having a property to rent to one household, and you may wish to employ a solicitor to sort out the legal side of things in the first instance, and a property management company to handle the administration, disputes, etc. on a daily basis.

Homeward Legal's experienced solicitors have completed many different transactions including properties for HMOs. Why not give us a quick call now on 0800 038 6699 to get your conveyancing under way today?

Does 'fixtures and fittings' include things like bathroom suites?

In the main, there is no legal definition of 'fixtures and fittings'. The need to clarify this is regularly neglected, which makes a fixtures and fittings form so useful.

We need to complete on the sale of an apartment in a short time frame, are you really fast solicitors in Chesham Bois ?

Homeward Legal takes a speed focused approach to carrying out conveyancing for customers as quickly as possible.

Our home moving lawyers approach to conveyancing is different as we use new CMS systems .

Critically we always allocate you a conveyancing property lawyer qualified to communicate through all parts of the chain .

How long on average should it take my assigned property lawyer to conclude all of the legal process on an apartment in a house?

It can take anywhere from one month to 12 weeks depending on a number of issues e.g. the efficiency of the sellers solicitor, or the time taken to get a mortgage offer. Our solicitors are very focused on communication, with the aim of completing as quickly we can.

Will we need a chancel search if we are buying in the parish of Maids Moreton?

The property lawyer may suggest that a chancel search be ordered. In Chesham Bois's much older areas, chancel repair has the potential to be charged on the current owners of a home where Parochial Church Councils may have spared previous owners or tenants. For property in the parish of Maids Moreton, it is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.

Do you advise that I get a chancel search? I am buying a maisonette on the same road as an ecclesiastical parish in Chesham Bois.

The judgement in a landmark case in 2003 confirmed that chancel repair liability could be enforced. A chancel search is used to confirm whether such a liability exists. Liability is more common in some parts of the country. The solicitor performing your conveyancing will be able to advise as to whether a chancel search is necessary. Ecclesiastical properties in the area where a chancel search may be appropriate include Beacon School and St Leonard's Church.