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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Cholsey Q & A's

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Updated: 20/01/17

Cholsey attractions

Mongewell St John the Baptist Churches Conservation Trust and Newnham Murren St Mary Churches Conservation Trust are close at hand to Cholsey.

Cholsey's closest train station is Cholsey at 1 mile s. The nearest airport to Cholsey is Booker, Wycombe Air Park Airport. Kidlington Airport is 19 miles, White Waltham Airport is 18 miles, Blackbushe Airport is 23 miles and Booker Airport is 16 miles away.

The closest hospital is Wallingford Community.


We are trying to find a discount conveyancing quote in Cholsey. as we are on a budget.


Many property buyers and sellers seeking discount conveyancing are caught out by the lure of very low conveyancing rates, and many property lawyers advertise cheap conveyancing, however extra fees may be added into small print. These terms are often ignored by excited property buyers and sellers, eager to get underway. Third party costs, termed disbursements, to be paid ought to be defined on your conveyancing quote Any additional costs should be fair and reasonable and be applicable solely where your conveyancer is required to complete unexpected extra work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. We provide quotes, not estimates, and clearly state the fees for a standard conveyancing.


I am bidding at a property auction and would like arrange fast conveyancing, what should we arrange to speed up the conveyancing process?


Experienced buyers will tell you that buying faster is key is to employing a proactive, diligent solicitor. That said, there are a number of tasks you as the buyer can do to get moving sooner, such as, calling or emailing the solicitor, and chase them if you suspect any delays, organising your finances, including arranging a mortgage and completing all forms as soon as possible.


How can I protect the purchase from being gazumped?


Gazumping happens when an offer is, following agreement, later rejected by the seller, in favour of

a greater offer. Though being gazumped is uncommon when property prices are falling, there is still a danger. The first step in reducing the chance that gazumping will effect you is to instruct your conveyancing solicitor as soon as you can.


We are planning to buy a home, should we have property searches ordered?


These searches are a commonly-used bundle of queries ordered by the conveyancing lawyer via local and national authorities, and only relate to the legal aspects of the purchase.


In relation to the fact that last year was second wettest year since on record, we are wondering whether flood searches won't be detailed enough?


The Cholsey solicitor will recommend that you also get environmental searches if the standard conveyancing searches identifies any kind of Cholsey area flood risk

You could also get in touch with a local resident for additional extra confidence if still concerned.


What kind of flood plain searches concerning the risk of possible flooding in Oxfordshire will my solicitor in Cholsey do?


A key part of the legal due diligence process involves the conveyancer making an application for property conveyancing searches that provide you with some details on the Cholsey flood risk area data. In some cases your conveyancing solicitor in Cholsey may advocate a more detailed specialist local search. At the time of writing reports on the Environment Agency don’t reveal any flood warnings in Cholsey.


Our mortgage lender is Mortgage Express - what do I need to know?


When buying with a mortgage, a mortgage provider will need legal work to be undertaken in relation to the mortgage. In some cases, lenders have opted to reduce the size of their 'solicitor panel', potentially creating greater conveyancing costs for purchasers. We, however, can act on behalf of the vast majority of mortgage lenders so that the buyer will not have to pay the lender's costs.


How do we learn more information on the Cholsey conservation areas?


Conservation area matters, such as paths and footpaths, dormer windows or poorly maintained pavements are administered by South Oxfordshire. English Heritage, a government body, have produced a list of the state of conservation areas.