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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Cleckheaton Q & A's

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Updated: 17/01/17

Helpful regional public service details -

Cleckheaton is around a mile off the M62 junction entry 26 Westbound.

The closest airport to Cleckheaton is Leeds Bradford Airport (10 miles). Cleckheaton's closest train station is Brighouse.

Dewsbury & District is the neighbouring hospital for Cleckheaton.


How do we get the cheapest Cleckheaton conveyancing quote?


This topic affects many buyers and sellers who opted for a very cheap quote, only to be stung later in the conveyancing process, and many solicitors purport to offer cheap conveyancing quotes, but extra costs are often hiding in the solicitor's terms that buyers and sellers often do not check. The disbursements to be paid ought to be defined on your quote Any extra charges ought to be fair. Get a quote using the Homeward Legal quote calculator for the property you are buying.


How long on average should it take my lawyer to exchange contracts the legal formalities on a detached building in Cleckheaton?


The legal process can take anywhere between 1 month and three months, contingent on a number of factors, for example the efficiency of the seller's property lawyer, or the time taken getting replies to enquiries. Homeward Legal's conveyancing solicitors are exceptionally proactive with the intention of completing the legal process as quickly as realistically possible.


I am bidding at a property auction and would like ensure a fast conveyancing transaction, how can we speed things up?


Crucial to faster conveyancing is to use a proactive conveyancing solicitor. There are various jobs you, as the purchaser, can do. These include:

  • organising your finances, including arranging a mortgage
  • asking for property searches to be ordered immediately
  • answering any queries raised by the conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible
  • Q.

    If my family are purchasing near a church constructed around the 1400s in Cleckheaton, should I get a search for chancel liability?


    Property owners near to local churches must subsidise repairs, where chancel repair liability exists. Following the Land Registration Act 2002, interest over any affected land must be registered by October 2013. Your conveyancing solicitor will suggest an appropriate indemnity policy to address chancel liability. Cleckheaton church properties where chancel liability may apply include St John the Evangelist, St Luke and Whitechapel.


    If we are buying near Cleckheaton, in the parish of Burghwallis, do we need a chancel search?


    Whichever Cleckheaton parish in which you are purchasing, a conveyancing solicitor could recommend a chancel search. In older areas of Cleckheaton, chancel repair may be imposed on owners of a home where parish councils have not imposed the same liability on the last owners.


    Are your house conveyancing solicitors set up to act quickly on the conveyancing of property auction properties in Cleckheaton?


    Our team are property auction specialists and commonly do the legal conveyancing sellers at auction. It is very important for purchasers to instruct a SRA regulated property lawyer as rapidly as possible to allow sufficient time for a full review of the legal pack prior to the auction day.

    Thereafter, following the auction day arrives your chosen lawyer is fully focused on quickly concluding the conveyancing within the limited time as required by the auction conditions.


    If Cleckheaton land is found to be contaminated, can the soil be remedied?


    If land has been contaminated by industry or agriculture, remediation may be possible, but it can be costly, and a Cleckheaton specialist such as Riley's J C, 32 Oak Rise, Cleckheaton, BD19 4EQ may be able to provide more information.


    What does the fees for our conveyancing searches be?


    Conveyancing searches ranges in cost. These searches are paid out to a 3rd party, and are charged 'at cost'.