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Conveyancing In Copse Hill Q & A's

In what ways does a Copse Hill conveyancer advise us on the risk and history of possible flooding around Copse Hill?

An important component in the conveyancing process involves the conveyancer carrying out environmental searches that provide detail about the potential the local Copse Hill flood risk. A more specific Merton database search, such as the Homecheck search, might be recommended by the conveyancer in Copse Hill if in the event that the initial conveyancing searches show a risk of flooding.

Are we advised to get a chancel search if I plan to buy in the parish of Pilton, near Copse Hill?

Whether you are buying a home in Copse Hill or elsewhere in the county, the conveyancing solicitor might recommend that a chancel search is taken out. Although some Parochial Church Councils have chosen to charge chancel repairs on the current owners of land subject to chancel liability, it is not possible to be certain that a parish in which lay rectors have not been expected to pay chancel repair dues recently will continue to be free from liability, so indemnity insurance may be advisable even if liability is unlikely.

Is it easy to sell a house without using an estate agent?

It’s relatively straightforward to sell your own home without involving an estate agent, although you should be warned that it’s a time-consuming process (which is why agents set a certain fee to pay for their time in getting your home sold).

First you need to get a proper valuation of your home, which can be done by paying a chartered surveyor and registered valuer, or you can research the house prices in the area for similar properties to get an idea of how they are selling.

Once you are happy with the price, you can advertise the property (there are several free sites that allow you to do this). Legally, you’re required to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate for the property before putting it up for sale, so you’ll need to organize a registered energy assessor to create this for you. Then you can start arranging viewings and negotiate an agreed price with anyone who is interested.

We would recommend, however, that you sign up with an estate agent as they can do all the leg work for you. The key thing, though, is to understand their fees and rates before signing an agreement with them.

What local factors can contaminate land in Copse Hill, and will they be comprehensively investigated?

A range of contaminants caused by natural and human-influenced issues can ruin property in Copse Hill. Issues like overhead transmission lines will be reported on in environmental search results.

How do I get out of paying SDLT rates?

Stamp Duty Land Tax is usually due for property sold for more than 125,000 pounds. Stamp duty reduction is not recommended for purchases in Copse Hill, as such schemes are highly expensive and the HMRC can review a scheme up to 6 years after a sale is completed meaning that the full stamp duty amount, interest and additional fines will be imposed.

What are our options if buying a detached house in a Kingston upon Thames planning authority designated conservation area ?

Part of the legal due diligence when buying a property involves the making of enquiries of Kingston upon Thames planning authority to confirm conservation area status and the appropriate formal approval for modifications. .

When is it wise to speak to a conveyancing solicitor to act on our purchase?

Simply, earlier is preferable, as there are several tasks which may be carried out very early in the process. Some authors advocate holding off instruction until a chain is completed, but delays can risk the other side pulling out, particularly in uncertain market conditions.