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If you are buying, selling or remortgaging a house or flat in Croydon, you will need to appoint a lawyer to carry out the legal work for you. Our property lawyers have many years’ experience helping home buyers and sellers in Croydon, and our pragmatic approach means that we move you in the shortest possible time.

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Conveyancing in Croydon: A mover's guide

One of London's 32 boroughs, Croydon is also one of the go-to destinations for those who want to live and work in the capital.

Not only does Croydon boast excellent transport links to central London and to the south coast and beyond, it's just 15 minutes by rail away from Gatwick Airport.

With a lively town centre and myriad job opportunities, now is a good time to consider a move to Croydon. Here we answer all the crucial questions about conveyancing in Croydon.

What is involved in conveyancing in Croydon?

Conveyancing is simply the term legal professionals use to describe the process of buying and selling property and land. This involves all the essential paperwork and legal formalities to change ownership. If you're a current homeowner intending to remortgage or interested in a transfer of equity on your home, you too will need to engage a conveyancing solicitor in Croydon. When you instruct a solicitor through Homeward Legal, they begin the process by initiating property searches, negotiating on the price, exchanging contracts and transferring the funds on completion day. Our Croydon conveyancing solicitors are all fully qualified professionals, and their job is to do all the legal legwork so that you don't have to worry.

- find out more about the conveyancing services we offer here.

How do I get a quote for conveyancing in Croydon?

You can get a quote for conveyancing in Croydon in minutes by using our online quote builder, providing some details about you and the property you are buying or selling. Or call our team on - we're open seven days for your convenience.

How much does conveyancing in Croydon cost?

Your final bill for conveyancing in Croydon will depend on a number of factors. The value of the property will have an effect, for example. Expect the total cost to include solicitors' fees, the cost of a surveyor and Stamp Duty Land Tax*** when buying, Land Registry fees, searches and bank transfer fees. Check out our guide to average conveyancing fees for an idea of the costs involved in conveyancing for a Croydon property.

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday of up to £500,000 ended on the 30th June 2021. However, there is still temporary relief in place until 31st September 2021 up to £250,000, with the stamp duty rate ranging from 2% to 12% of the purchase price in England and Northern Ireland. After then, stamp duty will revert back to the normal threshold of £125,000.

The conveyancing process explained

Read our step-by-step guide to the conveyancing process.

What are average house prices like in Croydon?

Land Registry figures for sold property prices show that the average price paid for a home in Croydon in 2020 is £369,791. A detached property will cost an average £770,506 with a semi-detached fetching an average £496,954. Expect to pay on average £361,219 for a terraced property and an average £269,318 for a flat or maisonette.

How much will council tax cost in Croydon?

Croydon Borough Council is the local authority responsibility for setting council tax rates locally. All residential property is allocated into one of eight bands depending on the property's valuation. You can find out which band your property is in on the government website.

Within Croydon Borough Council, the bands for 2020-21 are:

Tax BandCharges
Band A£1,189.40
Band B£1,387.64
Band C£1,784.10
Band D£1,849.09
Band E£2,180.56
Band F£2,577.03
Band G£2,973.50
Band H£3,568.20

Are Croydon's broadband speeds good?

Croydon benefits from superfast fibre broadband with providers including BT and Virgin Media offering deals to consumers.

How do Croydon's schools measure up?

There are 108 primary schools in Croydon, along with 46 secondaries and 39 sixth form and further education colleges. According to Ofsted rankings, a total of 28 of those are rated as outstanding. You can check the rating of schools in your chosen area on the government website.

University Centre Croydon is the University of Sussex's campus in Croydon.

Will I need a chancel liability search for a move in Croydon?

When buying in Croydon, your conveyancing solicitor will talk you through what searches are needed to complete your purchase. A chancel repairs liability search is often vital in England and Wales. This is a historic legal right that applies to Church of England parishes. Find out more in our detailed guide. What is important to know is that if a liability exists, a parish can order the owners of land or property within its boundaries to pay for repairs to the chancel or altar. This means a chancel liability search may be essential to ensure you know of any future financial risks. Your options if there is a liability include purchasing indemnity insurance.

Croydon seems quite modern - are there conservation areas I should know about?

Yes, large areas of Croydon are indeed very modern, but this borough also some areas of special historic or architectural interest. In fact, there are currently 21 conservation areas in Croydon, including Addington Village, Central Croydon and the East India Estate. A conservation area has much stricter rules around what property and land owners are entitled to do, and any alterations need planning consents or permission. To ensure any changes to a property you're buying have the right consents, your Croydon conveyancing solicitor will instruct a local authority planning search. Where any work does not have consent, your solicitor will advise on next steps to protect your purchase. This might include taking out indemnity insurance or applying for retrospective planning permission.

Is contaminated land a factor in Croydon?

Contaminated land is land that has previously been used for industrial purposes - for example, mines, steelworks, factories and landfill - and also land where there may have been pollution or spillages. This land can be a risk to human life, wildlife and the environment. By law, Croydon Borough Council must keep a register of all identified contaminated land. Your conveyancing solicitor for a Croydon property purchase can ask for an environmental search that will reveal any potential risk.

We're buying at auction in Croydon - can our conveyancing solicitors complete the sale in 28 days?

Our nationwide panel of property law firms have vast experience in completing all kinds of conveyancing transactions, including buying at auction. Our partners have worked on property purchases from sales at Auction House London, Allsop (commercial and residential), Award Property, Barnett Ross, Baxtons, Acuitus, Phillip Arnold Auctions, Countrywide Property Auctions and Drivers & Norris. Best practice when buying at auction is to instruct your conveyancing solicitor in Croydon before the bidding starts. That allows the law firm to examine the legal pack and ensure the sale can be completed within the usual 28-day deadline.

Did you know?

The UK's first international airport was in Croydon, and the building itself is now Grade II listed. Amy Johnson took off from Croydon when she became the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

Croydon might seem like the very essence of a modern town, but it is in fact mentioned in the Domesday Book. Noted as being in the “hundred of Wallington and the county of Surrey”, Croydon's had a population of 73 households in 1086.

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