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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Eye Q & A's

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Updated: 03/12/16

Read about the area ;

Eye's closest train station is Diss and Eye's nearest airport is Elmsett, Whatfield Rd Airport (18 miles). Norwich International Airport is 25 miles and Elmsett Airport is 19 miles away.

Hartismere Eye is a nearby hospital.


What will the overall charge be on the sale of a 487,000 property? I am trying to find a fixed rate conveyancing quote.


Many solicitors advertise theoretically cheap conveyancing quotes. Often additional charges are frequently hidden in the terms and conditions. Excited home owners, eager to get underway, often ignore this small print when they instruct. Extra fees should be fair.


Might my conveyancing quote cover any extra charges?


Unfortunately, buyers must be on their guard for considerable extra costs hidden in small print. Our solicitors do not hide any hidden extra fees. Be aware that some websites offer unrealistically low 'quotes' which are in fact estimates. You may face a much greater total fee when you have completed.


We need a fast sale, does Homeward Legal any property auction specialist very fast Eye solicitors ?


Our firm by default have a completely take charge plan of attack to concluding the conveyancing and title transfer for sellers to meet the sellers needs.

The utilisation of the latest document and form assembly systems . We always give clients a CQS conveyancing property lawyer qualified to communicate by phone and email with everyone in the buyer and seller chain for example local authorities, to accomplish a quick move.


As a result of the terrible flooding in the UK in April 2012, I am questioning whether conveyancing searches may not be exacting enough?

The Eye lawyer will get additional flood risk searches if the standard searches flag up any kind of Eye area flood risk

Sometimes home buyers to contact a close neighbour to get more local information or regional Suffolk flooding repair expert - try: Sneath & Son, Mara House/The Common, Mellis, Eye, IP23 8EB Tel: 01379 788405.


If I am buying in the parish of Cratfield, should we order a chancel search?


Your Eye conveyancing solicitor may suggest that a chancel search is taken out. In Eye's much older areas, chancel repair has the potential to be charged on new owners of a home where Parochial Church Councils may have spared previous owners or tenants, so indemnity insurance may be advisable even if liability is unlikely.


Is it necessary that I get a chancel liability search? We are purchasing a Eye property on the same street as a rectory.


Property owners neighbouring nearby church property may be required to subsidise repairs. This is referred to as chancel repair liability. As a result of the Land Registration Act 2002, interest over any affected land must be registered by October 2013. Eye Church of England properties where a chancel search may be appropriate include St Matthew and St Peter & St Paul.


Do Homeward Legal manage the conveyancing of property auction properties in Eye?


Our solicitors and licensed conveyancers in Eye often do the legal work for buyers at auction. Lawyers consistently tell bidders to appoint an experienced property conveyancing lawyer prior to the auction day to allow adequate time for a full review of the legal pack.

Subsequently, immediately after the day of bidding your experienced lawyer is completely focused on finishing the conveyancing in the reduced time frame as conventionally required .


We are buying on a ex-industrial use land. What should we do regarding titanium (Ti) soil contamination?


Legislation exists to control pollution, waste, water and chemical contamination. Environment search results will factor contaminants, including metals and others such as water contaminants such as phenols.