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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Fenstanton Q & A's

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Updated: 17/01/17

Read about the Fenstanton area ;

The closest station to Fenstanton is Huntingdon, approximately 6 miles away. The closest airport to Fenstanton is Cambridge City Airport.

Papworth hospital is relatively close to Fenstanton.


I need the cheapest conveyancing solicitors. How do we get a quote?


The confusion over this matter catches out many home owners, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted, and many law firms offer theoretically cheap conveyancing, but additional fees may pad the final bill. Additional fees listed in the terms ought to be reasonable and clear. They be applicable if your lawyer must complete work beyond standard conveyancing , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process.


If I am buying near a church built in the 16th Century in Fenstanton, do I need to get a chancel search?


The outcome of a landmark case 10 years ago reaffirmed that 'lay impropriators' of property must pay for church repairs. Some names or words such as 'abbey' give an indication of a property's history, and thus whether chancel liability may apply. Fenstanton Church of England properties which may give rise to chancel liability include Parish Church and St Peter & St Paul.


We are buying in Fenstanton on a recently-developed former industrial site. What should we do regarding zinc (Zn) topsoil contamination?


Policies are in place to control pollution, waste, water and chemical contamination. Metal contamination of top-soil in Fenstanton is more likely to occur near waste treatment sites. Data on other contaminants, like insecticides, will also be included in an environmental search.


The web is full of collections of publications giving details on by passing the solicitor e.g. A Practical Approach to Commercial Conveyancing and Property. Do I actually want to use a Fenstanton solicitor ?

On paper there are absolutely no arguments at all why a home buyer should not carry out the legal and technical work unaided. However, a property solicitor takes care of a large array of assignments such as chasing lender for comments on issues raised and applying for searches most of which need a qualified solicitor.


How long on average will it take our assigned conveyancer to get through the conveyancing process on a maisonette in a sixties home we want to buy?


The legal process can take anywhere from one month to 12 weeks, which can depend on various issues, like the speed of the seller's property lawyer, or whether your solicitor has to act for your lender.


What type of local authority searches as respects the potential risk of flooding in Cambridgeshire will a Fenstanton conveyancing solicitor carry out?


A necessary step in the legal process of purchasing a property involves the conveyancing solicitor applying for property conveyancing searches that provide specific information with regard to Fenstanton flood risk area.


For a fast conveyancing process to buy a £740,000 house, how can we speed things up?


Firstly, a fast conveyancing transaction is the key to instruct a proactive, diligent conveyancing solicitor. Furthermore, there are a range of tasks you can do to speed up the process. These include:

  • promptly answering your conveyancing solicitor's questions (by email if possible)
  • arranging any finances require to complete the purchase
  • contacting your conveyancing solicitor regularly


What environmental concerns will contaminate land in Fenstanton, and are they properly investigated?


Residential property may have been contaminated by many natural and human-influenced issues, like shallow mining. An environmental search can provide much more clarity.