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Conveyancing in Freshford Q & A's

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Updated: 24/04/17

Read all about the Freshford area ;

Freshford's closest station is Freshford and the nearest airport to Freshford is Bristol Airport.

The nearest hospital for Freshford is Bath Clinic.


We are trying to find fixed rate conveyancing, we are on a tight budget.


This catches out many buyers, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted. Many conveyancers claim to offer 'the cheapest conveyancing', however extra costs are often hiding in the small print. Excited buyers, eager to get underway, often ignore this small print when they instruct. Your quote ought to define any disbursements. Extra costs included in your solicitor's terms should be fair. They be applied only where your solicitor must complete additional work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. The Homeward Legal quote calculator will confirm the exact legal fees based on the property you are buying.


What will a Freshford conveyancing lawyer advise if the property is in a Wiltshire planning authority conservation area that has incongruous windows installed?


Wiltshire local authority search (LLC1 - Requisition for search and Official Certificate of Search) conducted by your Freshford property lawyer during the legal process will check if the property is within a conservation area and evidence of consent for changes to the property will be required. If no appropriate permissions be produced, your solicitor will give you professional advice on the best alternative like seeking an indemnity insurance or obtaining retrospective permission from the appropriate local authority.


What average time does it take my designated conveyancer to exchange all of the conveyancing formalities on the top floor of Thirties house?

The process can take anywhere between 3 weeks and three months, contingent on a number of things e.g. the speed of the vendor's conveyancing solicitor, or the communication, with managing agents.


Does my Freshford solicitor tell me about the amount to be paid of council tax for a Band A property before completion?


Your property solicitor will approach the council to reveal the relevant council tax charges which will then be included in the conveyancer's title report. Up-to-date charges for residents of Freshford are set out online at the Wiltshire council site. Currently on 29 June 2012 the different rates are:

  • Band A - £1,010.00
  • Band B - £1,179.00
  • Band C - £1,347.00
  • Band D - £1,515.00
  • Band E - £1,852.00
  • Band F - £2,189.00
  • Band G - £2,525.00
  • Band H - £3,031.00


Should we make use of a property lawyer named by my estate agent in Caistor?


Many agents in Caistor will have a referral arrangement with solicitors where they refer clients to them, however, these referrals must be carefully considered, as there is a risk that an agent may choose whichever firm pays the most per referral, not the best solicitor for your needs.


Freshford conveyancing solicitors apply for varied searches when acting for a purchaser, but which specific ones?


When obtaining a mortgage the mortgage lender mandates particular searches, including - Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage Search (Con29DW or personal) and Environment Search,, and possibly less common searches, which might include Planning Search.


What makes conveyancing work in Freshford appear to be so drawn out?


The conveyancing process could potentially be delayed, we, however, do our best to reduce the cost of these delays wherever reasonable.


Having read about the flooding in Sept 2012 in South West England we are apprehensive that flood risk searches might not be detailed enough?


A Freshford conveyancer should also get flood risk searches if the first search establishes a risk.

You can contact a future neighbour for additional local information.