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Conveyancing In Goffs Oak Q & A's

The survey revealed that no planning consent was obtained for an extension: What are the issues I’ll face?

The chartered surveyor inspecting the property will check any extensions or works that have occurred and highlight any concerns for the attention of your conveyancing solicitor, who will make enquiries with the local authority to establish whether the consents and building regulations are in place.

If the building regulations agreement is not in place, the vendor is not legally allowed to sell the property until they are, since the title deeds cannot be transferred to your ownership. If building requiring planning consent is present at the property but without proof of consent approval, the local authority might be willing to accept a retrospective approval, although this could take a long time, and, even then, they may instruct you, as the new owner, to return the building to its former state, which could be very costly.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take, including whether the retrospective planning or the reversal of building works can be renegotiated from the agreed sale price.

Please advise how to defer paying for stamp duty to HM Revenue?

Stamp Duty Land Tax is usually payable on property sold for more than 125,000 pounds. Homeward Legal firmly advise against any stamp duty mitigation scheme. These schemes are costly and HMRC may challenge a scheme up to six years later and the total stamp duty tax may be payable, along with interest and penalties. There have been a number of legitimate initiatives, however, such as for first-time buyers. Your solicitor will advise as to your eligibility.

I’ve lost my gas/electrical certificates; will that stop me moving?

There is no legal imperative for you to provide either the gas or electrical safety certificates as the seller; you are required to provide a gas safety certificate on an annual basis, however, if you are planning on letting the property out. The Institution of Electrical Engineers recommends that an electrical certificate be updated at least every ten years or when the property is transferred to a new owner (every 5 years if you are letting the property out).

However, this usually means that this is the responsibility of the buyer with the onus on organising an inspection for a new certificate falling on them.

Homeward Legal offers competitive, fixed-fee quotes, protected by our 'No Completion, No Fee' guarantee. Try our online quote calculator or call our team on 0800 038 6699 to see what we mean.

Does your Goffs Oak property lawyer do any searches on the Hertfordshire thirties mid terrace bungalow I am intending to buy?

The regular conveyancing protocol is to obtain Local Authority, Drainage Search (Con29DW or personal) and Environment Search, and possibly specific searches e.g. a Limestone Search.

For fast conveyancing on the purchase of a £687,000 home, what do we need to guarantee?

Importantly, fast Goffs Oak conveyancing is key is to employing a proactive conveyancer. There are a number of things you, as the purchaser, can also do to accelerate the legal work, such as, completing all forms as soon as possible, requesting status updates from the conveyancer regularly and arranging any finances require to complete the purchase.

Do your solicitors specialise the legal conveyancing of residential property auction properties in Goffs Oak?

Our recommended conveyancing firms in Goffs Oak regularly handle the legal work for buyers and sellers at auction. Homeward Legal always advise purchasers to appoint a lawyer in advance of the actual auction to allow enough time for a detailed review. Following the auction day arrives your Homeward Legal conveyancing solicitor is fully ready for concluding all of the legal work within a month as usually required .

Which government authority looks after for checking the standard of repair of the conservation areas in Goffs Oak?

Following a campaign, English Heritage have conducted a survey and created a list of the condition of conservation areas. Local conservation areas are designated by the local Broxbourne planning authority, who are responsible for the state of the area including things like street clutter, the colours of paint used and paths and footpaths.

If I want to build an extension or do other works once I move in, can I get a builder to visit to give me a quote?

There is nothing stopping you trying to organise this, so long as you set a date and time that’s acceptable to the vendor (or via their estate agent if they are unable to be there) and try to establish how long the process will take, so that this can be booked in.

This becomes particularly critical following a surveyor’s inspection where remedial works are identified and recommended. You can use the quote from the builder as a renegotiation tool on the asking price, if the work required is going to be particularly costly. If you decide to go down this route, it must be done before exchange of contracts (where you’re committing to the sale price) and you should inform your solicitor if you’ve had private discussions and agreements with the vendor over price for inclusion in the terms of the contract.