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Conveyancing In Halewood Q & A's

Can we check if the house we are buying is in a conservation area?

Conservation areas denote areas of special architectural or historic interest. Your solicitor will provide more details, in regard to relevant conservation area restrictions in Halewood.

I am planning to buy with Bank of Ireland Mortgages - is there anything we need to check?

Some lenders have reduced their 'solicitor panel', resulting in increased conveyancing costs for purchasers in cases where the solicitor cannot act for their lender, and another must also be instructed. Homeward Legal can act for all large lenders to ensure that you will not need to pay the lender's legal fees.

I have found abundant publications giving details on do it yourself conveyancing for example Buying a House: A Step-by-step Guide to Buying Your Ideal Home (How to). That being the case, do I need a property solicitor in Halewood for my home move?

Should you want to attempt to do this you can practically carry out the greater majority of the legal work without external help from solicitor in Halewood. More importantly do it yourself conveyancers are taking risks without suitable professional indemnity insurance that all legal practices are obliged to carry.

If we are purchasing near Halewood, in the parish of St Helens, do we need a chancel search?

Whichever Halewood parish you are buying in, a property solicitor is likely to recommend a chancel search. Through some Parochial Church Councils have determined to charge chancel repairs on new owners, there is no guarantee that a parish where repair costs have not been paid before will remain liability-free for new owners. In the event that chancel liability may apply, your solicitor might recommend insurance rather than pulling out of the purchase.

What should I do about the transfer of ownership of the utility billing?

It is the responsibility of the former owners to inform the utilities firms (gas, electricity, water, etc.) that they are moving.

You should give your current suppliers at least 48 hours’ notice that you’re moving home and, when you leave your old property, you should take all the necessary readings and send them to your old supplier(s) along with your forwarding address, so that they can send you a final bill and sort out any credit you might be owed.

You should give your new utility suppliers at least 48 hours giving your personal details for the new property. When you move into your new property, you should take all the readings again and send them to the new suppliers so that they have a record of where to start the bills running.

The property in Halewood being purchased is on a former industrial site. Is the soil possibly contaminated?

Given the history of industry and agriculture in parts of Halewood, top-soil contamination is difficult to avoid. Environment search results will factor contaminants, including metals and others such as polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) and groundwater contamination.

In the next month we are expecting to move from our semi detached residence in Halewood into our new home in Garston when to instruct a home removal company?

Your solicitor would tend to suggest that sellers put off booking a removals company until after exchange of contracts because usually an agreed date will not have been set. Try 24 7 Removals & Storage, The Willow/11 Rainbow Drive, Halewood, Liverpool, L26 7AG Tel: 0151 424 7986.

Is your panel of solicitors able to handle fast completions on auction conveyancing in Halewood?

The legal team are auction specialists and frequently do the legal work for bidders at auction. It is crucial for purchasers to select a good solicitor as fast as possible to allow sufficient time for a full investigation of the property's legal title in advance of the property auction date.

Thereafter, following the day of bidding the solicitor is utterly focused on finishing all of the legal work inside the limited time frame as conventionally required .