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Conveyancing in Hermitage Q & A's

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Updated: 16/01/18

Commuting to the Hermitage area? ;

The nearest airport to Hermitage is Blackbushe Airport (21 miles). Farnborough (TAG London) Airport is 25 miles, White Waltham Airport is 23 miles, and Booker Airport is 24 miles away. Newbury Racecourse station is about 4 miles from Hermitage.

Hermitage is about 1m of junction entry 13 Eastbound of the M4.

West Berkshire Community Newbury is the neighbouring hospital.


How do we get a cheap solicitor in Hermitage to buy a home?


Both high-street and online conveyancers purport to offer so-called cheap conveyancing. However additional fees are often hiding in the small print. Our quotes clearly state all legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction.


Should I select the solicitor named by the estate agent?


Many agents in Lower Sunbury have arrangements with solicitors where they refer clients, however, these referrals need to be considered carefully, as an agent may choose whichever firm pays the most per referral, not the most appropriate choice.


Which local authority is responsible for Hermitage?


Hermitage is located in West Berkshire Council, Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury, West Berkshire, RG14 5LD, phone: 01635 42401


How do you work out stamp duty and what should we pay on a £140000 Hermitage residence?


The Stamp Duty due depends on the purchase price. On a £140000 property, stamp duty will be £1400.*

*Correct October 2012


Do you have good solicitors that deal with the legal conveyancing of residential property auction properties in Hermitage?

Yes - Homeward Legal is very competent with auction buyers and sellers. Conventionally specialist lots are bought in property auctions and these will want increased exploration. Solicitors therefore advocate that buyers choose a fast lawyer in advance of the auction for a full review of the sellers documents.

Immediately following the property auction your Homeward Legal lawyer is wholly ready for finishing the legal side of things within the reduced time frame as usually required by the terms if sale.


What type of checks in relation to the risk of floods in the Berkshire region will the lawyer in Hermitage conduct?


A necessary component in the legal due diligence process involves the lawyer applying for environmental searches that set out some details in relation to Hermitage flood risk area. Also as an additional measure the conveyancing solicitor in Hermitage could advocate a more involved (e.g. Landmark) flood risk search.


I am on a tight deadline and need guarantee fast conveyancing, how could we speed up the conveyancing process?


Contacting a proactive and experienced property lawyer is crucial to a fast transaction. There are various jobs you, as the buyer, can also do to get moving sooner. These include:

  • calling or emailing your property lawyer, and chase them if you suspect any delays
  • promptly completing and return any forms
  • organising your finances


Is it recommended that I get a chancel search? We are buying a maisonette near parish land in Hermitage.


In Hermitage, some owners can be required to contribute towards the cost of repairs to nearby church land. Terms used in a property's name, like 'rectory', may indicate chancel liability. A conveyancing solicitor will be able to advise further. Churches in this area where chancel liability may apply include Holy Trinity and St Mary.