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Conveyancing In Hucknall Q & A's

We are intending to buy a house in Gedling. Should we get a chancel search?

Whether you are buying a building in Hucknall or elsewhere in the county, the conveyancing lawyer may suggest that a chancel search be taken out. Chancel repair has the potential to be imposed on owners of a building where Parochial Church Councils have previously chosen not to do so, so the solicitor will be unable to make any guarantees, and will recommend insurance.

Can I withdraw my offer on a property at any time?

When you make an offer on a house that has been accepted by the vendor, you can ask them to take it off the market as part of the acceptance. If you are selling, you can show your intent by agreeing to remove it from other potential buyers’ interest.

As a buyer, you can withdraw your offer at any time (and, as a seller, you can reject an offer at any time) up to the exchange of contracts, which means you are now legally committed to go through with the transaction at the agreed price. You should check your contract with both the estate agent and your conveyancing solicitor as there may be fees and other penalties associated with pulling out of the transaction after the offer was initially agreed.

If you decide to withdraw from the contract after exchange, then you are in breach. This means, if you’re the buyer, the seller is entitled to keep whatever agreed sum has been set for the deposit, and could claim damages; as the seller, you will be liable to pay interest accrued during the Notice to Complete period as well as the deposit, and the potential for claiming losses, and the buyer has to return everything about the property at the seller’s expense.

When should I book a removals firm?

It’s very tempting to get wrapped in the excitement of moving home and wanting to get everything sorted out and in the diary. But, if you book a removals firm too early, prior to the exchange of contracts (when the date and time of completion is legally set), you risk the possibility that the date might change, thereby having to pay a fee to the removals firm to change the plans.

There is nothing stopping you in contacting a selection of firms to get a quote for removal and to negotiate the possibility of pencilling a date in but ensure you obtain agreement that this is subject to change and confirmation.

When do you need to find a solicitor in Hucknall?

Simply, instructing as soon as possible is wise. Prompt instruction of a firm to act for you on your Hucknall transaction can reduce any chance of your sale or purchase falling though.

Will you need a chancel liability search if we are purchasing in Hucknall next to a 1700s 'church furlong'?

The outcome of Aston Cantlow (PCC) v Wallbank reaffirmed that 'lay rectors' of property must fund church repairs. Liability has the potential to impact the value of a Hucknall property, but an indemnity policy may be available to protect the new owners. The solicitor performing your conveyancing will confirm that a chancel search is appropriate. Church lands in the local area include St John the Evangelist, St Mary Magdalene and St Peter & St Paul's.

I want to complete on the conveyancing process on an apartment within 28 days, are Homeward Legal very fast Hucknall solicitors ?

Our conveyancers always have a thoroughly efficient approach when carrying out the conveyancing and title transfer as fast as possible.

By employing the latest IT and practice management systems . We also assign clients a qualified conveyancing solicitor who will always communicate by phone and email with the total chain such as lenders, for a quick exchange.

We are buying on a ex-industrial use land. Is the soil possibly contaminated by waste minerals like copper?

Restrictions exist to limit top-soil contamination, but some will remain in the environment for decades. Data on many contaminants, such as trichloroethylene, will be included in an environmental search.

To complete on our purchase ASAP, how can we aim for a fast conveyancing process in Hucknall?

It is well established that fast conveyancing is the key to instruct a proactive property lawyer. Consider the following:

  • Do they use email as the preferred mode of communication?
  • Did you experience any delays when requesting a quote?
  • Are they 'no move, no fee'? This can incentivise a faster transaction.