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Conveyancing in Lancaster Q & A's

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Updated: 19/07/17

Local area services information

As determined by the most recent census (2011) Lancaster has a residential population of 328,704 spread over an area of 262,905 hectares (649,652 acres) giving a population density of 1.3 people per hectare or 0.5 per acre.

The closest airport to Lancaster is Walney Aerodrome Airport. Blackpool International Airport is 21 mile and away. The nearest train station to Lancaster is Lancaster, almost 1 mile away.

Lancaster is close at inside a couple of miles off the M6 Junction 34 Southbound.

Lancaster is the nearest hospital to Lancaster.


I need the cheapest conveyancing solicitors in Lancaster. What should I check?


This catches out many homeowners, and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted. Many solicitors claim to offer theoretically cheap conveyancing quotes. Often extra fees will be included in the terms. Additional fees should be fair and clearly defined. The online quote calculator can generate an accurate statement of the legal fees for the property you plan to buy.


Do Homeward Legal advise on the conveyancing of property auction properties in Lancaster?


Our firm regularly do the legal work for buyers at auction. Our highly qualified solicitors and conveyancers have previously acted for countless vendors at local auctions such as Acuitus, Allsop (Commercial), Allsop (Residential), Auction House London, Award Property, Barnett Ross, Baxtons, Brendons Auctioneers, Countrywide Property Auctions and Drivers Norris.

Canny bidders will instruct a conveyancing solicitor as early as possible for a full report of the lot prior to the actual auction. Subsequently, following the actual auction your Homeward Legal lawyer is wholly able to concentrate on finishing all of the legal work in the reduced time frame as usually required by the auction conditions.


Which of the lender panels in Lancaster are you a member of?


Of lenders with branches near Lancaster, Homeward Legal work with the bulk of them. Lancaster lenders and mortgage specialists include Furness, 2 Lancaster Gate/St. Nicholas Arcades, Lancaster, LA1

1NB, Halifax, 29-31 Penny Street, Lancaster, LA1 1UA, and Skipton Building Society, 39 Penny St, Lancaster, LA1 1UA.


Might the conveyancing have any supplementary hidden charges?


No. Our solicitors will never charge any hidden extra charges to buy or sell a property.


We are buying a unique property in a conservation area, how do I locate details concerning the state of repair of the area?


Conservation areas are created by the local Lancaster planning authority, who manage conservation area concerns from whether trees can be cut down to street clutter.

English Heritage now maintain records of the condition of conservation areas in Lancaster and throughout England in addition to the trend of the area.


We are purchasing a church rectory in Salford St Stephen. Should we order a chancel search?


Your Lancaster conveyancing solicitor could advise a chancel search, irrespective of the parish where the home being bought is located. Chancel repair may be imposed on new owners of a home where Parochial Church Councils have previously chosen not to do so. For property in the parish of Salford St Stephen, it is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.


When in the process is it appropriate to get a solicitor to handle our transaction?


Whether buying or selling, the sooner you instruct a conveyancing firm, the better, as conveyancing involves a number of tasks that can be performed very early in the process. Instructing your solicitor sooner for a purchase allows you can shave days off the process by having the details of your instructed solicitor ready when you make an offer, or, if you are selling a property, relevant information can be sourced sooner (this is particularly true for leasehold properties).


What sort of analysis as respects the risk and history of a flood in the Lancashire area will a Lancaster conveyancing solicitor give details on?


A conveyancer applies for official property environmental searches that should include Lancaster flood risk area data information. A substantially more detailed conveyancing search, such as the Homecheck search, will often be suggested by a qualified Lancaster conveyancing solicitor, if in the event that the initial searches indicate flood risk to the property.