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Conveyancing In Leicestershire Q & A's

My agent has referred a property solicitor who they generally use. Will it be faster to instruct this solicitor?

Estate agent referrals are a not uncommon path whereby buyers get a solicitor. These referrals should be compared against alternatives, such as local solicitors, or firms found online, as there is a risk that the agent may suggest the firm which pays to the largest referral fee, not the law firm with the best reputation.

Is it hard to sell a property located in a conservation area?

A conservation area is designated and managed by the local authority to ensure the unique nature of the location is maintained by placing restrictions on changes to the buildings, street furniture and green spaces to protect the architectural or historical interest of everything within the conservation area boundary.

Because of this resistance to change, this usually means homes in conservation areas are more attractive to buyers, and, as such, there may be a premium to pay over properties outside such areas. Because of the attraction of such property, they will usually sell well and quickly. However, there will need to be greater checks by the buyer’s solicitor to verify that your property conforms to the conservation area restrictions, which may add extra time to the duration of the conveyancing.

Homeward Legal's solicitors have a great deal of experience working with sales and purchases in conservation areas, so why not give our team a quick call on 0800 038 6699 right now to find out what we can do to help your plans?

We have found a growing number manuals about doing your own legal work e.g. leasehold Flats & Houses a supplement to Bradshaw's Guide to DIY House Buying, Selling & Conveyancing. Do I actually have to use property lawyer in Leicestershire ?

Legally speaking there are no arguments why a buyer cant carry out the bulk of the legal work without assistance. That said, a solicitor in Leicestershire takes care of a long list of actions ranging from chasing mortgage offer and maintaining constant communication with agents many of which are more safely handled with appropriate training.

However solicitors are legally obligated to have insurance that protects you in the event of any losses you encounter.

In respect to the extensive flooding in Sept 2012 in the East Midlands we are questioning whether flood searches may not be thorough enough?

Flood risk searches carried out by a Leicestershire lawyer will include the far more informative search (Landmark) if it is felt necessary.

If you are still apprehensive try to contact a future neighbour.

What actions can we take to defer paying stamp duty in Leicestershire?

Stamp Duty Land Tax is usually due for purchases sold for more than 125,000 pounds. Homeward Legal do not advise buyers risk any form of stamp duty mitigation, as such schemes are highly expensive and unreliable.

Is it possible that some of the protected Leicestershire conservation areas are in neglected condition?

A recent appraisal of the state of Leicestershires conservation areas is documented by English Heritage and the following details are available at their site- Ratby is listed as very bad with low vulnerability and deteriorating, Stoke Golding is listed as very bad with low vulnerability and deteriorating, Shelthorpe is listed as poor with low vulnerability and deteriorating, Shepshed is listed as poor with low vulnerability and deteriorating.

When in the process do we need to instruct a solicitor to act for us?

In the majority of situations, earlier is preferable. Promptly instructing a conveyancing solicitor for a purchase may mean that your offer may be taken more seriously if you already have a solicitor instructed, or, if you are selling a property, documents can be prepared earlier, considerably accelerating the whole process.

What specific things do I need to look out for if I’m buying a house on the coast?

With worsening weather and floods now becoming increasingly commonplace, with the media remarking on it in depth, buying a property that has a likelihood of flooding is a difficult decision to make. Not only is there the issue of cleaning up if it does flood, but insurance premiums will be much higher (and perhaps even prohibitive).

For homes in coastal areas, there is also the problem of coastal erosion, where some properties have been seen to literally fall into the sea.

However, the good news is that picking a home in a coastal region doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to be subject to flooding or that it’s eventually going to slip into the sea. The searches ordered by your conveyancing solicitor will identify the level of risk associated with the property and, based on this, your solicitor may recommend that you take out specialist reports (e.g. from Landmark or other organisations) to get a more in-depth description of the risks and options. These are in addition to the standard set and will be charged to you as a disbursement at cost.

Your surveyor will also be able to identify evidence of previous floods and other problems during their inspection and provide advice in their report. If the problems are considered sufficiently severe, the surveyor may also note the specifics for further investigation by your conveyancing solicitor.