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Conveyancing In Llanbedrog Q & A's

Is contaminated land a problem for the majority of homes in Llanbedrog?

Land could be contaminated by many naturally-occurring factors, and an environmental search will confirm if a particular property could be affected by local contaminants including sand or gravel pits.

Should I organize a private purchase of items on the Fixtures and Fittings form?

This would be very unwise as the Fixtures and Fittings Form (TA10) forms part of the contract, and it lists all the items that the seller is planning to leave at the property with an agreed price for anything they want money for.

To try to organise a private sale outside of this clear and controlled process may result in difficulties later on in the process, which is precisely why this form is in place. If you want something to remain that’s not listed on the Fixtures and Fittings Form, raise a query through your solicitor so that negotiations may be formally carried out.

Worried about what your responsibilities are in the legal side of your move? Let Homeward Legal help with their experience and low fixed fees. Call our team now on 0800 038 6699.

Tesco mortgages is going to be our mortgage lender, is there anything we need to know?

Some lenders are now reducing their 'solicitor panel', which may result in increased conveyancing costs for property buyers. We, however, will act for the vast majority of lenders.

Which particular property searches conveyancing searches should a conveyancing solicitor in Llanbedrog apply for when buying a Llanbedrog property?

The routine legal procedure will be to get Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage Search (Con29DW), Environmental and Coal Mining (Con29M) and occasionally less common searches, which might include Cheshire Brine Search.

Are there many conservation areas in the area?

With 9000 conservation areas throughout the country, the neighbourhoods around Llanbedrog will include a number of areas of historic or architectural significance defined as protected. A solicitor will address the impact buying in a conservation area may have.

How do we avoid paying out for stamp duty to HM Revenue?

SDLT must be paid on property sold for more than 125,000 pounds. We firmly advise against any stamp duty mitigation. These schemes are highly expensive and often likely to fail.

Do we need to make use of a property lawyer who often works with by my estate agent in Llanbedrog?

Agent referrals are a not uncommon route to find a solicitor, however, such referrals should be compared against alternatives, such as local solicitors, or firms found online, as an agent may select the firm which pays to the largest referral fee, not the best solicitor for your needs.