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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Llandaff Q & A's

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Updated: 16/01/17

Llandaff attractions

Cardiff Castle Historic Building and Cardiff Castle Cadw are near to Llandaff.

Llandaff is about 3m of the M4 Junction 32 Westbound.

The closest station to Llandaff is Fairwater, approximately 1 mile away. Cardiff Airport is 8 miles from Llandaff. Bristol Airport is 24 miles away.

The nearest hospital for Llandaff is Rookwood Cardiff.


How do I get the cheapest conveyancing solicitors?


Various solicitors promote 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but additional charges are often hiding in the terms and conditions, left unread by preoccupied property buyers and sellers Costs which are listed in terms of engagement should be reasonable and clear. They come into force only if your lawyer is required to complete extra work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. We offer quotes, not estimates, and clearly state all legal fees you pay for a standard conveyancing transaction.


I am selling in Llandaff, and have had a conveyancing quote from you. May there be any hidden fees?


Our solicitors never hide any additional costs whatsoever. It may be that your solicitor advises that another piece of work be carried out, like a will, . Any such fees would not be charged until you were made aware of the circumstances.


Is a house survey required if we are purchasing a property, irrespective of its condition?


Homeward Legal strongly recommend that you arrange a survey. There are a wide range of defects which can affect a property. These can include cavity wall tie failure or rotten roof timbers, and these will not be addressed by your conveyancing solicitor.


If we plan to buy near Llandaff, in the parish of Pentyrch, do we need a chancel search?

Whether you are buying a property in Llandaff or elsewhere in the county, the solicitor is likely to recommend that a chancel search is ordered. Through some church councils have taken the decision to impose chancel repairs on the current owners of land subject to chancel liability, a conveyancing solicitor cannot verify that a parish where repair costs have not been paid before, that this will not automatically be the case for future owners. In the event that chancel liability may apply, your solicitor might recommend insurance rather than pulling out of the purchase.


Do your solicitors advise on auction conveyancing in Llandaff?


Our property lawyers frequently work for buyers and sellers at auction. Homeward Legal strongly suggest buyers at auction to choose a fast conveyancing firm well before the property auction date to allow time for a thorough review of the legal pack.

Post auction your Homeward Legal lawyer will be ready for concluding the purchase in the limited time as usually required .


We are going to buy a renovated maisonette within a Llandaff conservation area. Where can I uncover more information relating to the standard of upkeep?


Conservation areas in Llandaff are designated by Cardiff who preserve everything from building materials to the stoppage of ugly highway signs. Following a campaign, English Heritage have created details on the state of conservation areas as well as the vulnerability of the area.


Following recent news about the extensive river flooding in Wales, I am questioning if conveyancing and environmental searches won't be thorough enough?


Environmental searches handled by your conveyancing solicitor in Llandaff will include the more thorough flood search if it is felt necessary.

You could also contact a neighbour for additional extra peace of mind.


When in the process should I instruct a solicitor?


With a firm offering a 'no move, no fee' conveyancing quote, the sooner the better, as conveyancing involves several tasks which may be performed immediately. Promptly instructing a firm can reduce the likelihood of the other side pulling out.