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Conveyancing in Llandaff Q & A's

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Updated: 17/07/17

Llandaff attractions

Cardiff Castle Historic Building and Cardiff Castle Cadw are near to Llandaff.

Llandaff is about 3m of the M4 Junction 32 Westbound.

The closest station to Llandaff is Fairwater, approximately 1 mile away. Cardiff Airport is 8 miles from Llandaff. Bristol Airport is 24 miles away.

The nearest hospital for Llandaff is Rookwood Cardiff.


How do I get the cheapest conveyancing solicitors?


Various solicitors promote 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but additional charges are often hiding in the terms and conditions, left unread by preoccupied property buyers and sellers Costs which are listed in terms of engagement should be reasonable and clear. They come into force only if your lawyer is required to complete extra work , which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. We offer quotes, not estimates, and clearly state all legal fees you pay for a standard conveyancing transaction.


What can the cost of searches be?


Conveyancing searches ranges in cost. Conveyancing searches are paid out to a 3rd party.


Handling the legal work without a conveyancer in Llandaff appears to be becoming possible when buying and selling a house. However actually be practicable ?


Theoretically speaking there are absolutely no arguments at all why a buyer cant go down that route and handle the legal and technical work without assistance. In reality however, a solicitor in Llandaff handles a huge array of assignments ranging from chasing lender for comments on issues raised and reading the lease most of which are more safely handled with appropriate a qualified solicitor.


How will a solicitor in Llandaff advise us on the risk and history of local flooding to properties in Llandaff?

A solicitor applies for environmental searches that should include Llandaff historical flood risk data. An inexpensive thorough flood risk search (e.g. Landmark) will sometimes be suggested by the Llandaff property lawyer, if in the event that the enviro. search show a flood risk.


I am worried about the council tax rates on a Thirties detached property in Llandaff, how much are they?


Usually the conveyancing report on title should cover the relevant Cardiff council tax band. The latest council tax charges for residents of Llandaff are detailed at the Cardiff local authority website. Currently (03 October 2012) band rates are:

  • Band A - £738.47
  • Band B - £861.55
  • Band C - £984.63
  • Band D - £1,107.71
  • Band E - £1,353.87
  • Band F - £1,600.03
  • Band G - £1,846.18
  • Band H - £2,215.42


We are buying on a brownfield site. What should we do regarding manganese (Mn) topsoil contamination?


Llandaff industry and natural causes can cause soil contamination. Other sources of contaminated land include water contaminants such as phenols and chlorine.


Unfortunate circumstances mean we have a requirement to push matters along and exchange contracts on the conveyancing on our freehold flat as quickly as possible, do you employ fast solicitors in Llandaff ?


We maintain that our conveyancing solicitors take a an extremely speed focused approach when completing the transfer of title for clients

Homeward Legal only ever work with solicitors who will always exert pressure end to end throughout the chain buyer and seller chain .

Furthermore , Homeward Legals conveyancing property lawyers are actually chosen because they always employ state of the art case management systems to complete on your move without hitch.


What factors can affect land in Llandaff, and should they be an issue?


Land in Llandaff may have been contaminated by many environmental concerns, like proximity to landfill sites. An environmental search will give more detail.