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Conveyancing In Llantrisant Q & A's

Can I agree a sale price without involving an estate agent or solicitor?

This depends on whether you have signed up with an estate agent and what agreement is already in place. While it might seem unfair if you’ve found a buyer outside of the estate agency process and you’re expected to still pay the agent their fees on sale, you should be very careful about stepping outside the agreed terms and conditions since this is legally binding and you may face penalties as a result. Therefore, if you want to follow this course, it’s worth checking the details with a solicitor to ensure you’re following the letter of the law.

If you’re not with an agent, you can publicise your house details with a number of publications and online sites (some are free, others require a fee), but you’ll need to do all the legwork and administration. For a legal standpoint, you don’t need to appoint a solicitor to perform the conveyancing, but it would be an unwise option to pursue as you will probably have neither the training or experience in some its complexities, and you won’t have the protective indemnity insurance in the event of a problem arising with your work.

What do I provide to the solicitor on my house sale?

The list of documents required is quite simple, but will be required at different stages of the process (but ideally any forms should be completed and returned on the day of receipt and preferably delivered by hand or email).

  • Proof of id
  • Title deeds (if you have them; they might be lodged with the solicitor who handled the purchase of the property you are selling, or the mortgage company)
  • Fixtures and Fittings Form (TA10)
  • Property Information Form (TA6) – information on boundaries, disputes and complaints with neighbours, notices and proposals, alterations and planning consents, building regulations, electricity and gas certificates, guarantees and warranties, insurance, environmental matters affecting the property, rights and informal arrangements, parking, other charges, services, connection to utilities and services, and transaction information
  • Copies of documents referenced in the PIF
  • Leasehold or shared freehold documents
  • Management Information Pack
  • Energy Performance Certificate

Providing all this documentation as quickly as possible, as well as responding to arising questions throughout the conveyancing within a couple of hours will help to speed the conclusion of your transaction up considerably.

How much is the council tax on a Sixties mid-terrace property in Llantrisant?

In most cases a report on title will supply the relevant Rhondda Cynon Taf council tax band.

The latest tax rates for homes in Llantrisant are tabled at the Rhondda Cynon Taf local authority website. At the time of authoring, 27/07/2012, rates are as follows:

  • Band A - £893.38
  • Band B - £1,042.28
  • Band C - £1,191.17
  • Band D - £1,340.07
  • Band E - £1,637.86
  • Band F - £1,935.66
  • Band G - £2,233.45
  • Band H - £2,680.14

How is Llantrisant contaminated land identified when buying a house?

Numerous of contaminants can harm the resale value of residential property in Llantrisant, and an environmental search should reveal whether a particular property may be affected by local contaminants such as proximity to scrap yards and other land contamination.

Is tin top-soil contamination likely in Llantrisant?

Llantrisant and the surrounding region has a legacy of chemical contamination. Various bodies hold data on land contaminants affecting Llantrisant, including local authorities.

Would getting a building survey be sensible when buying a property, irrespective of its condition, in Llantrisant?

It is recommended that home buyers instruct a home surveyor to carry out a survey. A range problems will impact a property, for example rotten roof timbers and roof spread.