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Conveyancing in Machen Q & A's

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Updated: 28/04/17

Local travel information

Machen's nearest train station is Caerphilly and Machen's closest airport is Cardiff Airport (16 miles). Bristol Airport is 24 miles away.

Cardiff, Croescadarn Rd is the nearest hospital to Machen.


What will the overall charge be on the sale of a £495,000 house? We need to find affordable conveyancing.


Many online and high street firms advertise theoretically cheap conveyancing quotes. Unfortunately additional costs may increase the final invoice. The quote should list any disbursements. Costslisted in the terms needs to be reasonable and clear. Our online quote calculator will generate an accurate quote for your transaction.


Do you have fast solicitors that handle the conveyancing for auction properties in Machen?


Yes - Our recommended conveyancing solicitors commonly do the legal conveyancing bidders at auction. We typically recommend purchasers to decide on a qualified solicitor prior to the auction to give enough time for an investigation of the documents.

Thereafter, following the auction your selected lawyer will be ready for finishing the transaction inside the usual 28 days as usually required by the terms of sale.


What can a Machen conveyancing lawyer advise if the property we hope to invest in is in a Newport council conservation area that has unsanctioned doors fitted?


Local authority search (LLC1 - Requisition for search and Official Certificate of Search) carried out by a solicitor will verify if the property is within a designated conservation area and evidence of consent for additions to the property will be asked for.


If I am intending to buy in the parish of Machen, will we need a chancel search?

Regardless of the Machen parish in which you are purchasing, the property solicitor may suggest that a chancel search be taken out. Chancel repair may be imposed on the owners of a home where Parochial Church Councils have not imposed the same liability on the last owners, so indemnity insurance may be advisable even if liability is unlikely.


I am concerned about council tax rates on a Fifties mid-terrace home in Machen, how much are they?


In general, the conveyancer's title report will include the appropriate Newport council tax band. Up-to-date charges for homes in Machen are published online at the Newport local authority website. As at, 27 September 2012, rates are as follows:

  • Band A - £682.03
  • Band B - £795.71
  • Band C - £909.38
  • Band D - £1,023.05
  • Band E - £1,250.39
  • Band F - £1,477.74
  • Band G - £1,705.08
  • Band H - £2,046.10


How much time can conveyancing generally need? We are selling in Machen.


In general, the amount of time required to sell or purchase residential property may vary. This is affected by a number of legal considerations. These could include where management information is required. Our solicitors ensure the matter is handled quickly, and to the highest standard of service.


Property lawyers in Machen carry out standard conveyancing searches if instructed by a home buyer - what specific ones?


If applying for a mortgage, your lender requires you to - Local Authority (personal or official), Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW) and Environmental and, depending on certain criteria, area-specific searches such as Contaminated Land.


Property conveyancing searches may be standard procedure for home buyers but when one considers recent events such as the widespread river flooding in Wales are they actually good enough to ascertain sufficient information about the ever changing local Machen flood risk?


The Machen solicitor will recommend that you get additional thorough flood risk searches if the initial search identifies any kind of Machen flood risk area

You might be able to also converse with a next door neighbour for some further information.