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Conveyancing In Mancot Q & A's

Is vanadium contamination often identified in Mancot soil?

Steps are taken across Mancot and the region to identify and resolve soil contamination. Environment search results will factor contaminants, including metals and others such as chlorine and groundwater contamination.

If I want to build an extension or do other works once I move in, can I get a builder to visit to give me a quote?

There is nothing stopping you trying to organise this, so long as you set a date and time that’s acceptable to the vendor (or via their estate agent if they are unable to be there) and try to establish how long the process will take, so that this can be booked in.

This becomes particularly critical following a surveyor’s inspection where remedial works are identified and recommended. You can use the quote from the builder as a renegotiation tool on the asking price, if the work required is going to be particularly costly. If you decide to go down this route, it must be done before exchange of contracts (where you’re committing to the sale price) and you should inform your solicitor if you’ve had private discussions and agreements with the vendor over price for inclusion in the terms of the contract.

Will a Mancot conveyancer do any property conveyancing searches on the Flintshire Regency terraced townhouse I want to buy?

The common procedure is to get the following Local Authority, Drainage and Water Search (CON29DW or personal) and Environment Search as well as any specific searches, like a Index Map.

Can I change the purpose of use for a purchase as part of the conveyancing procedure?

Putting in a planning request to change the use of part or all of a property is a straightforward process and you can deal directly with the local authority, which authorises plans and requests. However, tying it in with a planned purchase of a property has its own problems, since you don’t yet formally own the property, and the length of time to get through the planning process (with no guarantee of success) will need to be factored into the purchase duration, which the seller may not agree to.

We would advise you to either buy the property and then put in the planning request after completion (or exchange at the very earliest), or buy a property that’s already fit for your purposes. Or you might be lucky to find a property that already has the relevant planning consents in place.

Will we need a chancel search if I am buying in the parish of Eastyn alias Hope?

A conveyancer may suggest a chancel search, regardless of the parish in which the building being purchased is located. Although some Parochial Church Councils have opted to charge chancel repairs on the current owners, it is not possible to be certain that a parish which has not been subject to chancel liability in the past will remain liability-free for new owners. It is not safe to rely on the historical behaviour of the parish council alone as a guide.

We need to complete this house purchase as soon as possible, can we ensure a fast conveyancing transaction?

Crucial to a faster move is to employing a proactive solicitor. Additionally, there are a number of tasks you could do to get moving sooner, such as, contacting your solicitor regularly, arranging any finances require to complete the purchase and quickly answering your solicitor's questions (by email if possible).