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Conveyancing in Norwich Q & A's

As compiled by the UK census for Norwich the usual residential population is 722, 087 covering a rough area of 326, 645 hectares (807, 155 acres) which gives a low-density population of just 2.2 people per hectare (0.9 per acre).

The most convenient train station for Norwich is just called ‘Norwich’.

For holidays or domestic flights, Norwich's closest airport is called Norwich International Airport, located just under 4 miles from the city.

Norwich’s main hospital is the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, where you’ll find a comprehensive A&E unit.

Norwich area information

Norwich Castle Castle and Norwich St John Maddermarket Churches Conservation Trust are situated in Norwich. The closest hospital to Norwich is Colman Norwich.

How do we get the best rates for conveyancing in Norwich property?

The confusion over this point catches out many homeowners and can leave them paying far more in fees than they budgeted and many conveyancers promote theoretically 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes'. Unfortunately extra costs may inflate your solicitor's invoice. Extra costs included in terms and conditions should be reasonable and only be applied if your lawyer must complete work beyond standard conveyancing which could not be anticipated at the start of the process. The online quote calculator can generate an accurate statement of the legal fees for the property you plan to buy.

If you are buying a property near priory grounds in Norwich, will you need a Chancel Search?

Property owners near to local churches may be required to cover the cost of repairs, this sometimes hits the hundred thousand pound mark, so you’ll want to find out if this is the case in advance. This is referred to as chancel repair liability. A Chancel Search checks that such a liability exists, but it is more common in some parts of the country. The solicitor acting on your behalf will be able to advise as to whether a Chancel Search is necessary, it usually is. Church of England properties in this area where chancel liability may apply include St Luke's, Heigham St Thomas, Old Lakenham Community Centre and St Peter, Mancroft.

The seller appears to have installed stone cladding to the property which we think might break Mile Cross conservation area guidelines.

Your instructed property solicitor should look into whether the property is located within a designated conservation area and whether any alterations have received the required permissions from the Norwich council.

How much do the conveyancing searches in Norwich cost?

With Homeward Legal's conveyancing service, clients buying a property are required to pay for a standard bundle of searches, which will be itemised in your quote and invoice. We don’t charge any extra for conveyancing searches and only ever charge cost value. Depending on where your property is based, you may need some extra, less common searches in addition to a standard bundle, some of which include a tin mining search or flood risk search. Find out more about what type of conveyancing searches are available, or use our quick quote generator to see exactly how much your searches would be with Homeward Legal.

What searches will my solicitor apply for to find out if my Norwich property is at risk from flood?

An essential part of the conveyancing process involves a conveyancing solicitor making an application for property searches which will include specific information about the potential Norwich flood risk areas. For such an inexpensive search, a flood search will identify whether the property in question is liable for flooding from a range of sources. If you’d like to read more about flood searches, click here.

Is it wise to get a home survey on a house in Norwich?

We always recommend you to get a home survey done, wherever in the country you are. A survey will pick up on minor and major problems like damp, rot and subsidence, which can save you from buying a defective property. Get a survey done from a reputable company like Surveyor Local.

There is a lot of free information online about handling the legal work as a homebuyer. Could I not do all of the conveyancing myself?

Legally speaking, there is no reason why you couldn’t complete the conveyancing work yourself. However, the truth is that a conveyancer in Norwich carries out a huge number of complicated tasks ranging from checking redemption statements to checking for any restrictive covenants, some of which will require a qualified professional due to their complicated and confusing nature. Doing your conveyancing yourself comes with a great deal of risk, as you are liable should any mistakes occur. A solicitor will have special indemnity insurance to cover you all if this happens, and of course a great deal more experience to avoid the mistakes in the first place!

Are some of the conservation areas in Norwich in a poor state?

The most recent appraisal of the state of repair of conservation areas in Norwich is noted by English Heritage. The following data, plus more, is viewable at the English Heritage website - Mile Cross is determined to be poor with low vulnerability and in a deteriorating state. To find out more, telephone 01603 212513.