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Conveyancing in Reading Q & As

If you are remortgaging, buying or selling or a bungalow or house in Reading, you will have to instruct a lawyer to handle the conveyancing work.

The conveyancing solicitors at Homeward Legal have many years of experience of conveyancing in Reading and around Berkshire. The pragmatism in our approach means we move you in the shortest possible time and faster than other firms.

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Reading

  • By road: Reading is served by the M4, A329M and A33.
  • By rail: The nearest train station is Reading.
  • By air: White Waltham Airfield is 10 miles from Reading, while Blackbushe Airport is 11 miles, Wycombe Air Park is 14 miles, TAG London Farnborough is 15 miles and Heathrow Airport approximately 22 miles.
  • Hospital: Spire Dunedin, 16 Bath Road, Reading, RG1 6NS.
  • Council: Reading Borough Council (

How do I find the cheapest Reading conveyancing quote?

Unwary home-buyers and -sellers should be conscious of the fact that several firms advertise so-called cheap conveyancing. Extra costs are often hiding in the solicitor's terms of engagement. Such additional charges need to be fair and clear. Homeward Legal never hide any costs, and our quotes offer a clear statement of your legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction. Try our quote calculator, or call our team of conveyancing experts on 0800 038 6699 to discuss your needs.

How many mortgage lenders in Reading do you work with?

Homeward Legal works closely with many lenders who are approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. A number of mortgage specialists operate in Reading, including:

  • Chelsea Building Society, 24 Friar Street, Reading, RG1 1DP
  • ING Direct, 410 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading, RG6 1RH
  • Standard Life, Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading, RG1 3AN
The lawyer handling the work for your Reading purchase or sale will be able to confirm additional costs or hurdles associated with your chosen lender.

Flood risk searches are fine, but considering recent weather changes, such as the fact that 2012 was second wettest year since on record, are they good enough to identify sufficient information about the flood risk in Reading?

Environmental searches conducted by a Reading conveyancing solicitor should include the more in-depth search (via the Landmark Information Group) if the risk is deemed significant enough. If you are still nervous about this, why not contact a local resident, perhaps a future neighbour, or a local Berkshire flood damage builder (e.g. AA Painters & General Handyman, 5 Laud Close, Reading, RG1 6RD (Tel: 07956 619611)).

As a buyer of a flat in Reading, doing one’s own conveyancing without the assistance of a property solicitor appears to be increasingly appealing. However, would that be prudent?

There is no legal reason why you can’t take care of the greater majority of the legal process for your Reading property without the involvement of a conveyancer. In reality, though, a solicitor handles a large number of tasks (ranging from chasing replies to requisitions, or ensuring the seller is the rightful owner), many of which are better done by a skilled professional. More importantly, and the principal reason for avoiding do-it-yourself conveyancing, amateur lawyers are not covered by acceptable professional indemnity insurance which qualified legal firms are legally obligated to obtain.

We really need to complete the conveyancing on a freehold flat in Reading inside a month. Are Homeward Legal fast-acting home-moving solicitors?

A lot of property lawyers are far too slow which usually adds additional stress to the conveyancing process. With Homeward Legal, the conveyancing solicitors work fast and efficiently, and endeavour to communicate along the entire buyer and seller chain. In addition, they use modern practice management and technology systems to exchange on the property sale as quickly as possible. Contact our property experts at Homeward Legal for more information and advice.

How long will conveyancing legal work generally take on our Reading flat?

On average, the time to complete the conveyancing is between one and three months. Unfortunately, the time taken to buy or sell residential property can vary considerably. This is based on several issues which may affect the smooth sale or purchase of your property (for instance, if a third party is slow to respond, or one of the buyers in the chain is waiting to hear back on a mortgage application). With our solicitors at Homeward Legal, every purchase is handled as fast as possible, without compromising on service. We aim to complete the conveyancing work within six weeks.

The Reading property we are buying is on a brownfield site. Is the top-soil likely to be contaminated by waste minerals like zinc?

Reading has a history of contamination from industrial or agricultural, like much of the UK. The local authority for Reading will be able to provide more detail on cases of contamination (see the public service information section above).