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Conveyancing In Roehampton Q & A's

What can be done about trees with TPOs if they are cutting out the light into the house?

Tree Preservation Orders (or TPOs) are legal protections for individual trees, which means you are prohibited from pruning, cutting or removing the plant without the formal consent of the local authority. There are certain caveats such as whether it is causing an immediate danger to life, but the local authority will still need to be informed.

As a homeowner, you have a number of rights, including Right to Light: that is, you should expect natural daylight to enter your property through windows without being blocked (again there may be caveats which will be unearthed in the conveyancing). If a tree with a TPO has grown so much that it is blocking out light, you can apply to the local authority for permission to prune the tree sufficiently to return your Right to Light. It becomes more complex if the tree in question is on a neighbour’s property, and you should discuss any resulting costs with them.

Homeward Legal's solicitors have years of experience in dealing with all sorts of legal issues including TPOs, providing you with practical guidance and help. We are best placed to help you with your move, so call our team on 0800 038 6699 today.

When should I book a removals firm?

It’s very tempting to get wrapped in the excitement of moving home and wanting to get everything sorted out and in the diary. But, if you book a removals firm too early, prior to the exchange of contracts (when the date and time of completion is legally set), you risk the possibility that the date might change, thereby having to pay a fee to the removals firm to change the plans.

There is nothing stopping you in contacting a selection of firms to get a quote for removal and to negotiate the possibility of pencilling a date in but ensure you obtain agreement that this is subject to change and confirmation.

For a residential property valued at £989000. What will be worked out for stamp duty tax?

The Stamp Duty you will owe is based on the value of the house. For a property worth £989000, the SDLT rate is £39560.

Is there an authority that has some published record on the upkeep of conservation areas in Roehampton?

Local Roehampton conservation area issues e.g. building materials used, addition of hard standings to the front of properties or advertising hoardings are handled by the local Richmond upon Thames planning authority. English Heritage, a government body, have produced details on the state of repair of conservation areas as well as the exposure to a worsening of the condition of the area.

Does administer the conveyancing for auction properties in Roehampton?

Yes - Homeward Legal is very competent with auction buyers and sellers. Usually more complicated to convey buildings for example properties for investment are sold at auction and these will want increased. We therefore advise bidders to select a residential conveyancing company prior to the date of the auction to allow enough time for an investigation of the sellers pack.

Following the property auction a prepared lawyer should be ready for swiftly complete the legal process in under 28 days after exchange as typically required by the terms of sale.

Why is it silly to buy a leasehold with less than 99 years to run?

In large part, if a leasehold drops below 90 years, it’s because mortgage companies will not be willing to lend money to purchase the leasehold. They will almost certainly have a stipulation on the length of the leasehold as part of their criteria for lending.

Most buyers are very aware of this and the trend is for an insistence of the sellers to provide an extension back up to the 99-year or 125-year thresholds before considering its purchase. Otherwise, even if you can finance it, eventually you’ll have to consider the legal cost of extending the lease yourself.

When we are buying next to a glebe in Roehampton, do you need to get a search for chancel liability?

There are thousands of parishes throughout the UK. Owners of property within some of these may be required to pay for the repair of a local church. Some names or words such as 'priory' give an indication of a property's history, and thus whether chancel liability may apply. Church lands in the local area where chancel liability may apply include Holy Trinity.

Will the property report compiled by the Roehampton property solicitor report back on the cost of the council tax on a building before contracts are exchanged?

The property lawyer will contact the relevant council to ask about the latest council tax rates, which should subsequently be added to the title report. Up-to-date charges for properties in Roehampton are published on the council website.