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Updated: 13/10/17

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Rotherham -

By road: Rotherham is served by the M1, M18, A630 and A631. By rail: The nearest train station is Rotherham Central. By air: Doncaster Sheffield Airport is 18 miles from Rotherham, and Retford (Gamston) Airport is 26 miles.

Hospital: Rotherham District General, Moorgate Road, Rotherham, S60 2UD. Council: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (

Attractions: Aston Springs Farm, Clifton Park, Thrybergh Country Park, Wentworth Village, and Wentworth Woodhouse.


I need the cheapest conveyancing quote possible for a house purchase just outside Rotherham. How do I go about obtaining one?

There are several high-street and online property lawyers who promote their offers of 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes'. However, you should be aware that unclear additional charges, often annotated in the small print, can increase the final bill beyond your expected budget. Any such costs found in the terms of engagement should be reasonable. A conveyancing quote should also clearly state any disbursements to be paid. At Homeward Legal, we never hide any costs, and our quotes provide a clear statement of your legal fees for a standard conveyancing transaction. Try our quote calculator, or call our team of conveyancing experts on 0800 038 6699 to discuss your needs.


At what point should I appoint a conveyancer for my new semi-detached house in Rotherham?

Whether you are buying or selling your property, the earlier you engage a solicitor, the better. The legal work can then start immediately. Early instruction of a conveyancing firm for a purchase means that you will have all the details of your Rotherham solicitor ready when you make an offer. Or, if you are selling a property, prior to marketing it, documents can be prepared to make it potentially more attractive to motivated buyers.


Is your solicitor team experienced enough for 28-day completions on the conveyancing of residential property auction properties in Rotherham?

Yes. We have a vast amount of experience in working for buyers and sellers at both local and national auctions. It is a legal stipulation that the completion be reached within a four-week timeframe after the day of the auction. To assist in this, it would be very shrewd for you to engage your solicitor as early as possible, so that all the relevant legal documentation can be reviewed well in advance of the auction itself. Thus briefed, your solicitor, if you successfully sell or buy a property at the auction, is already ahead of the game and can work to achieve an even earlier completion of the conveyancing. Contact Homeward Legal’s team of auction property experts on 0800 038 6699 to discuss your needs further and to obtain a fixed-fee quote.


How long can I expect the conveyancing work to take on the purchase of my Rotherham flat?

The time taken to complete the legal work when you buy or sell property can vary considerably, based on a number of issues which may affect the property. These problems might include any party in the chain awaiting a mortgage offer, or someone dropping out of a transaction before completion. With the property specialists at Homeward Legal, each client is undertaken as quickly as possible, and our proactive and pragmatic methods of working ensure that everything is done to achieve as early a completion as possible.


What is the council tax going to be on a Thirties, mid-terrace, Band H house in Rotherham?

As part of the report on title prepared by your solicitor, they will contact the local authority responsible for setting the council tax rates (here Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council). The information on the specific band and the charge associated with your prospective property will be detailed in the report. The latest tax information will appear on the authority’s website (refer to the public service information section at the head of these FAQs). For the 2016/2017 tax year, the council tax rates are:

  • Band A - £994.80
  • Band B - £1,160.61
  • Band C - £1,326.41
  • Band D - £1,492.21
  • Band E - £1,832.81
  • Band F - £2,155.42
  • Band G - £2,487.01
  • Band H - £2,984.42

Retrieved on 22 February 2017


Which mortgage lender panels in Rotherham are Homeward Legal a member of?

We have solicitors who have experience working with the majority of lenders approved by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. A number of mortgage specialists operate in Rotherham, such as:

  • K. D .S. Finance Ltd., 132 Broad Street, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6ES
  • Kimberworth Insurance Ltd., 292 Kimberworth Road, Rotherham, S61 1HB
  • Gr8 Mortgage Solutions, 51-53 Moorgate Street, Rotherham, S60 2EY

We are thinking of using Mortgages Talk Ltd. as our lender in Rotherham, but is there anything we should consider before accepting an offer?

In recent years, some lenders have limited the solicitors firms who can act for them, resulting in higher conveyancing costs for property purchasers if their solicitor is unable to act both on their behalf, and for their lender. Homeward Legal can undertake the work for most mortgage lenders, thus eliminating this issue. Contact our experts at Homeward Legal on 0800 038 6699 for a fixed-fee quote backed up with our ‘No Move, No Fee’ guarantee.


What should we do regarding the problem of barium soil contamination in Rotherham?

Rotherham and the surrounding region has an unfortunate legacy of chemical contamination created by historical industrial activity. The local authority for Rotherham will be able to provide more detail on cases of contamination (refer to the section at the head of these FAQs for contact information).


What is the council tax on a Thirties mid-terrace Band H house in Rotherham?


You should be provide the homes council tax band with the conveyancer's title report. The latest council tax rates for residents of Rotherham are set out on the Rotherham council website. At the time of writing on 30 October 2012 the rates are:

  • Band A - £973.00
  • Band B - £1,135.00
  • Band C - £1,298.00
  • Band D - £1,460.00
  • Band E - £1,784.00
  • Band F - £2,109.00
  • Band G - £2,433.00
  • Band H - £2,920.00


Do you advise taking steps to hold off paying stamp duty tax?


Stamp duty reduction must be treated with caution by purchasers in Rotherham. These schemes are expensive and HMRC may challenge a scheme up to six years later.


At what point should you find a conveyancer in Rotherham?


Whether buying or selling, earlier is preferable. The legal work can then start immediately. Early instruction of a conveyancing firm for a purchase means that you will the details of your Rotherham solicitor ready when you make an offer, or, if you are selling a property, prior to marketing the property, documents can be prepared to make it potentially more attractive to motivated buyers.


May the conveyancing fees include any extra charges?


Unfortunately, buyer should read the terms of their conveyancing quote careful to identify any hidden fees. We never charge any hidden extra costs. Some websites offer unrealistically low 'quotes' which are in fact estimates, which could be totally different to your final invoice.


For a fast completion on the purchase of a £573k property, what can we do to speed up the transaction?


Finding a proactive and experienced lawyer is crucial to a fast conveyancing transaction. There are several tasks you can do, such as, calling or emailing your lawyer, and chase them if you suspect any delays, completing all forms as soon as possible and if you intend to get a house survey, doing so as early as you can.


Which areas of Rotherham are eligible for disadvantaged area relief?


Disadvantaged areas are identified by council ward. Disadvantaged areas in Rotherham currently include Brampton, Park, Dalton, Maltby, Swinton, Wath, Central, Boston, Greasbrough, Herringthorpe, Rawmarsh East, Rawmarsh West and Thurcroft and Whiston. Update: As of the 2013/14 tax year, stamp duty relief for disadvantaged areas is no longer available.


Are there any conservation areas in Rotherham?


There are a range of conservation areas around Rotherham. Town Centre, Doncaster Road Town Centre and Greasborough Urban are among the conservation areas in Rotherham. The local council will offer more information about local conservation areas, and the conveyancing solicitor handling your purchase address the consequences of purchasing property in a conservation area.