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Conveyancing in Rutland: A mover's guide

Rutland may be England's smallest county, but this is a little spot that packs a mighty punch.

With only two big towns but lots of picturesque villages and the marvellous nature reserve at Rutland Water to enjoy, Rutland is a prized destination for east Midlands home movers.

Ready for a recce of Rutland? We've got all you need to know about moving and conveyancing in Rutland, England's smallest but most perfectly formed county.

What does conveyancing in Rutland involve?

Conveyancing is the term used by law professionals for the paperwork involved when buying, selling, remortgaging or transferring equity from a property. As soon as you decide to buy or sell a home, a Rutland conveyancing solicitor will get to work. For a buyer, that involves requesting searches, negotiating the price, exchanging contracts and transferring the funds on completion day. Our Rutland conveyancing solicitors take care of all the legal work to make your move go without a hitch. There's lots more on Homeward Legal's conveyancing services here.

How do I get a quote conveyancing in Rutland?

Get an instant quote for conveyancing in Rutland on our online quote builder. Just provide some details about your transaction, yourself and the property. You can also call Homeward Legal on seven days a week to talk direct to our team. And, for your convenience, you can arrange a callback at a time most suitable to you.

How much does conveyancing in Rutland cost?

All conveyancing transactions are unique, so it's impossible to provide an exact figure Rutland conveyancing costs. For example, the value of the property involved will affect the final bill, as will its tenure - whether it is leasehold or freehold. For a property purchase in Rutland, conveyancing costs will include searches and Land Registry fees, solicitors' and bank transfer fees, Stamp Duty Land Tax*** and more. There's more in our guide to average conveyancing fees.

The Stamp Duty Land Tax Holiday of up to £500,000 ended on the 30th June 2021. However, there is still temporary relief in place until 31st September 2021 up to £250,000, with the stamp duty rate ranging from 2% to 12% of the purchase price in England and Northern Ireland. After then, stamp duty will revert back to the normal threshold of £125,000.

The conveyancing process explained

Read our step-by-step guide to the conveyancing process.

Where are Rutland's best home-mover destinations?

There are just two towns in Rutland - Oakham and Uppingham. So, if you're looking for a busier, more urban spot to make your home, it's best to start your Rutland property search here.

The rest of the county's offerings are very much rural, a series of charming and picturesque villages. They include Barleythorpe, the conservation village of Ashwell and Langham.

All locations have a combination of period and traditional homes, alongside more modern and newbuild properties.

How much does an average property cost in Rutland?

Property is at a premium in Rutland and that's reflected in house prices. The most recent data from the Land Registry's round-up of sold property prices shows the average home sells for £324,859 in Rutland. That is well above both the English average of £256,109 and the average property price in neighbouring Leicestershire, which is £241,749.

Is conveyancing in Rutland slower when buying a leasehold property?

There are around four million leasehold properties across England and Wales, mostly flats and apartments but many houses, too. In this type of property tenure, a homeowner only owns their home and not the land on which it stands. This remains in the ownership of a freeholder (landowner) and is then leased to the homeowner for a specific period. Buying leasehold can occasionally be more complicated and take a little longer. This is because a Rutland conveyancing solicitor must ask the freeholder to provide specific information. Any delay in responding to that request will hold up the transaction. You can find out more in our detailed guide to buying leasehold.

Which council has control of schooling in Rutland?

Rutland County Council has responsibility for state education in the county. There is also a choice of two of England's most famous independent schools locally, Oakham and Uppingham, along with Brooke Priory. Check out how your chosen school is ranked by Ofsted on the government school comparison website.

Does Rutland property have an increased flood risk?

All areas of England have seen a rise in flood events because of heavier rainfall and storms. When buying a home, your Rutland conveyancing solicitor will instruct a flood-risk search to reveal any potential threat. The Environment Agency's guide to flood risk will also provide more information on local areas.

What searches do I need for Rutland conveyancing?

When buying property in Rutland, a conveyancing solicitor will explain the essential searches required to complete your transaction. We have created an informative guide to all searches needed for conveyancing. These are some of the most common:

Did you know?

A 500-year-old tradition says that any peers of the realm who pass through Oakham for the first time must present the lord of the manor with a horseshoe. To date, more than 200 horseshoes are on display in Oakham Castle.

Rutland Water is one of the largest man-made lakes in Europe and the largest in England, comparable in size to Lake Windermere. Today it is a haven for wildlife and water sports enthusiasts.

Whether buying, selling, remortgaging or transferring equity from a property in Rutland, conveyancing doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. At Homeward Legal, we aim to make your transaction go without a hitch. Get a quote online or call us on . You can also request a callback at a time that suits you.

Towns and districts within this county include:

Barrowden, Cottesmore, Edith-Weston, Empingham, Exton, Hambleton, Ketton, Langham, Lyddington, Oakham, Ryhall, Stretton, Uppingham, Whissendine