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Conveyancing In Sale Q & A's

Is a property survey sensible when purchasing property?

It is highly recommended that Sale buyers book a RICS survey. There can be a wide range of defects which will impact a property, which will not be covered by the legal work, including unsafe chimney circulation and severe weathering.

Should we choose the property lawyer named by the agent?

If you instruct a firm referred this way, you may have the advantage of the agent being able to induce a slow solicitor to work faster, however, these referrals need to be weighed up against alternatives, including online or local firms, as the agent may prefer to suggest the firm which pays to the largest referral fee, not the law firm with the best reputation.

We are planning to buy a home. Is it that important that 'conveyancing searches' are performed?

These searches are common collection of enquiries requested by the conveyancing solicitor, for example a local authority search. These searches provide much needed information, however they cover solely issues and defects relating to the property's legal title.

We are buying a property where the seller looks to have added ill-suited windows on the maisonette in Sale which we think might possibly exclude local conservation area rules

A conveyancing solicitor should establish if your new home is affected by a conservation area, and if so, whether any alterations have essential consent from the Trafford planning authority.

What type of local searches into the risk of a flood in the Greater Manchester region will the conveyancing solicitor in Sale actually conduct?

A key part of the conveyancing process carried out when buying a property involves the conveyancer carrying out environmental searches that give you some details with regard to the local Sale flood risk.

Conveyancing and environmental searches are assessed from archived information and when you factor in recent weather changes for instance the flooding in Sept 2012 in North West England, are they sufficient to ascertain sufficient information about the Sale flood risk area?

Property conveyancing searches applied for by the solicitor in Sale should also include the far more specialist Landmark flood search if the risk is deemed significant.

If you remain still concerned it may be worth trying to approach a neighbour or local resident or nearby Greater Manchester flood repair builder - try: David Hopton Ltd, 9 Beeston Rd, Sale, M33 5AQ Tel: 0161-973 9269.

We are selling in Sale, and have had a conveyancing quote from you. Are there any hidden costs?

Regrettably, buyers must be on their guard for considerable extra costs hidden in small print. We never charge any extra, hidden charges. Be aware that some websites offer unrealistically low 'quotes' which are in fact estimates, which they will not be required to adhere to.

If we are purchasing in Sale, will you need to get a chancel search?

There are 15000 ecclesiastical parishes in the UK. Property owners within some of these may be required to pay for the repair of a local church. A chancel search confirms that such a liability exists. Sale ecclesiastical properties include St Anne, St John the Divine and St Paul.