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Conveyancing In Seven Kings Q & A's

Is contaminated land a concern for properties in Seven Kings?

Several contaminants caused by natural and human-influenced issues can impact land. Contaminants including masts or pylons should be considered as part of the appropriate search.

What enquiries in respect to the risk of flooding in the Redbridge area will a Seven Kings lawyer advise on?

A necessary step in the legal procedure involves a conveyancing solicitor applying for environmental searches that offer you certain details with respect to Seven Kings flood risk. An inexpensive (around twenty pounds) and more involved conveyancing search (most likely a Landmark Database search) could possibly be advocated by a lawyer in Seven Kings if the results of the environmental search identify a risk of flooding. The most recent reports on the Environment Agency do not show any flood warnings in Seven Kings.

If I’m putting my furniture and other things in storage, will the process take longer?

There shouldn’t be any reason why your move would take longer than a standard removal if you are pitting your belongings into storage. In fact, in some instances, it might be beneficial for the chain and your completion on the sale, since you are likely to incur fewer delays in the process because you can put your furniture and other things in storage before the event.

Whatever your plans, it’s worth mentioning them to your conveyancing solicitor so that they know the logistics on the day of completion, and may even be able to provide advice and pointers on what to consider before the day to ensure things move more smoothly.

Do it yourself conveyancing without instructing a property lawyer in Seven Kings appears to be becoming possible when buying a maisonette , but would it be really be viable ?

There are no arguments why a buyer should not carry out the conveyancing without a trained conveyancer in Seven Kings. However, a property solicitor typically handles a long list of assignments ranging from drafting contracts or notifying parties of completion many of which are more safely handled with appropriate the relevant training.

Do I need to get a property survey for our property purchase?

We recommend that the majority of buyers order a home buyer survey. Numerous defects have a negative impact on a property, such as ground movement. Such issues will not be considered during the conveyancing work itself.

ING Direct is our lender, what will I need to check?

Buyers should know that, in some cases, lenders have opted to reduce the size of their 'solicitor panel'. For house purchasers, this can result in significantly increased legal costs. Homeward Legal are able to act on behalf of all major UK mortgage lenders.

What are the alternatives if we acquire a flat in a Redbridge local authority designated conservation area ?

An integral part of conveyancing for buyers includes procurement of searches of the local authority to establish conservation area status and the requisite permission for developments. .

If no authority consents be produced, your Seven Kings conveyancing solicitor will recommend all options for example buying an indemnity policy or seeking retrospective consent from the appropriate local authority.

Can I change the purpose of use for a purchase as part of the conveyancing procedure?

Putting in a planning request to change the use of part or all of a property is a straightforward process and you can deal directly with the local authority, which authorises plans and requests. However, tying it in with a planned purchase of a property has its own problems, since you don’t yet formally own the property, and the length of time to get through the planning process (with no guarantee of success) will need to be factored into the purchase duration, which the seller may not agree to.

We would advise you to either buy the property and then put in the planning request after completion (or exchange at the very earliest), or buy a property that’s already fit for your purposes. Or you might be lucky to find a property that already has the relevant planning consents in place.