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Conveyancing In Skewen Q & A's

What can a Skewen conveyancing solicitor recommend if the maisonette we am buying is located in a conservation area in Neath Port Talbot planning authority which seems to have inappropriate doors added?

The local authority searches conducted by the solicitor during the conveyancing process will confirm the existence of the appropriate council approval for additions to the property. In the absence of any the necessary permissions, your Skewen conveyancer will advise you of the alternatives which include seeking from Neath Port Talbot council or buying an indemnity insurance policy.

The survey revealed that no planning consent was obtained for an extension: What are the issues I’ll face?

The chartered surveyor inspecting the property will check any extensions or works that have occurred and highlight any concerns for the attention of your conveyancing solicitor, who will make enquiries with the local authority to establish whether the consents and building regulations are in place.

If the building regulations agreement is not in place, the vendor is not legally allowed to sell the property until they are, since the title deeds cannot be transferred to your ownership. If building requiring planning consent is present at the property but without proof of consent approval, the local authority might be willing to accept a retrospective approval, although this could take a long time, and, even then, they may instruct you, as the new owner, to return the building to its former state, which could be very costly.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take, including whether the retrospective planning or the reversal of building works can be renegotiated from the agreed sale price.

To complete on our purchase ASAP, how do we get a fast conveyancing transaction in Skewen?

It is a truism that fast conveyancing is crucial to is to employing a proactive, diligent conveyancer. There are a range of tasks you, as the purchaser, can also do to get moving sooner, such as, answering any queries raised by the conveyancer as soon as possible, calling or emailing your conveyancer, and chase them if you suspect any delays and arranging your mortgage offer.

Bookshops and the web have plenty of on and offline explanatory studies about giving details on doing the legal work yourself. Do I really need to instruct a Skewen property lawyer ?

In theory, there is no reason why a home mover shouldn't conduct your own conveyancing on your own. That said, a conveyancing solicitor in Skewen is in charge of a long list of functions such as checking contracts and representing the lender some of which need experience.

However solicitors practices are required by the Law Society to obtain suitable insurance cover to shield you in the event of any errors on the part of the solicitor.

What causes conveyancing legal work to seem to be so slow?

The legal work needed to sell or purchase a home can be lengthy. We endeavour to minimise their consequences where feasible by driving the transaction forward. Reasons for delay include the time taken to return management information.

Can I agree a sale price without involving an estate agent or solicitor?

This depends on whether you have signed up with an estate agent and what agreement is already in place. While it might seem unfair if you’ve found a buyer outside of the estate agency process and you’re expected to still pay the agent their fees on sale, you should be very careful about stepping outside the agreed terms and conditions since this is legally binding and you may face penalties as a result. Therefore, if you want to follow this course, it’s worth checking the details with a solicitor to ensure you’re following the letter of the law.

If you’re not with an agent, you can publicise your house details with a number of publications and online sites (some are free, others require a fee), but you’ll need to do all the legwork and administration. For a legal standpoint, you don’t need to appoint a solicitor to perform the conveyancing, but it would be an unwise option to pursue as you will probably have neither the training or experience in some its complexities, and you won’t have the protective indemnity insurance in the event of a problem arising with your work.