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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Stafford Q & A's

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Updated: 04/12/16

Stafford is about 1.5m of the M6 junction entry 14 Southbound.

The closest airport to Stafford is Wolverhampton Business Airport Airport. and Stafford train station is approximately 1 mile from Stafford.

The closest hospital for Stafford is St Georges Stafford.


What do you charge for the legal fees on a £277,000 property? I need to find a low cost conveyancing quote in Stafford.


Both high-street and online law firms purport to offer cheap conveyancing quotes, but additional charges may be added into the solicitor's terms of engagement, left unregarded by busy buyers Any fees listed in your solicitor's terms ought to be fair. We offer quotes, not estimates, and clearly state all legal fees you pay for a standard conveyancing transaction.


We have a home to purchase. How do we aim for a fast exchange and completion?


Contacting a communicative conveyancer is key a faster move. Consider the following when selecting:

  • Do they offer 'instant' online quotes?
  • Do they use email?
  • Do they offer 'no move, no fee' protection? This can incentivise a faster transaction.


Is it possible that some of the Stafford conservation areas are in an unacceptable state?


An up-to-date list of the state of conservation areas in Stafford is reported by English Heritage, and the following information is currently available at English Heritage: Stone is recorded as poor with low vulnerability and deteriorating, St Georges Hospital is recorded as very bad with medium vulnerability and deteriorating significantly, Trentham is recorded as very bad with medium vulnerability and condition improving, Trent and Mersey Canal is recorded as

fair with medium vulnerability and deteriorating, Stafford Town Centre is recorded as poor with low vulnerability and deteriorating, Walk Mill is recorded as very bad with medium vulnerability and deteriorating significantly.


I am intending to purchase with Godiva Mortgages - what do I need to know?


Some lenders have limited the firms who can act for them. For buyers, this can result in significantly increased conveyancing costs. Homeward Legal are able to act for most mortgage lenders.


In relation to the extensive flooding in 2012 in the Midlands I am anxious that flood searches won't be exacting enough?


Flood searches carried out by your conveyancing solicitor in Stafford will include the more rigorous flood search if the risk warrants it.

It may be prudent to get in touch with a local resident for further information.


The owner has installed inappropriate stone cladding to the flat which I think may infringe on the Churchgate conservation area rules.


A conveyancing solicitor will find out whether the property is inside a designated conservation area and whether any modifications have the appropriate permissions from the local council.


Which of the lender panels in Stafford are you on?


We have worked with all the major lenders serving buyers in Stafford. Stafford lenders and mortgage specialists include Staffordshire Independent Financial Advisers LLP, 64 Lichfield Road, Stafford, ST17 4LW. The lawyer handling the work for your Stafford purchase or sale should be able to confirm additional costs or hurdles associated with your chosen lender.


We have found an increasing number online explanatory studies about on the subject of DIY conveyancing. Do I really have to use Stafford solicitor ?


There is no argument why a home seller should not take care of the legal work on your own.

That said, a property lawyer takes care of a significant number of actions e.g. chasing outstanding papers or checking the lease some of which are more safely handled with appropriate experience. Moreover solicitors practices are legally obligated to get cover to shield you from any professional errors.