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Conveyancing In Stanmore Q & A's

What specific things do I need to look out for if I’m buying a house on the coast?

With worsening weather and floods now becoming increasingly commonplace, with the media remarking on it in depth, buying a property that has a likelihood of flooding is a difficult decision to make. Not only is there the issue of cleaning up if it does flood, but insurance premiums will be much higher (and perhaps even prohibitive).

For homes in coastal areas, there is also the problem of coastal erosion, where some properties have been seen to literally fall into the sea.

However, the good news is that picking a home in a coastal region doesn’t automatically mean that it’s going to be subject to flooding or that it’s eventually going to slip into the sea. The searches ordered by your conveyancing solicitor will identify the level of risk associated with the property and, based on this, your solicitor may recommend that you take out specialist reports (e.g. from Landmark or other organisations) to get a more in-depth description of the risks and options. These are in addition to the standard set and will be charged to you as a disbursement at cost.

Your surveyor will also be able to identify evidence of previous floods and other problems during their inspection and provide advice in their report. If the problems are considered sufficiently severe, the surveyor may also note the specifics for further investigation by your conveyancing solicitor.

Please tell us why conveyancing legal work goes on for so long?

Conveyancing could be subject to numerous interruptions or delays for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the causes are out of the solicitor's control. Homeward Legal work hard to curtail their effect if it is possible to do so.

As a result of the fact that 2012 was second wettest year since 1920, we are wondering whether environmental searches may not be sufficient?

A qualified lawyer in Stanmore will suggest that you get conveyancing searches (Landmark search) if the initial search identifies a risk.

For extra history you can speak to a neighbour of the property or local Harrow flood damage builder like Move In Ltd, 19 Little Common, Stanmore, HA7 3BZ Tel: 020 8954 9590.

What are the benefits of an online solicitor against a high street firm?

Many commentators and bloggers have suggested that you get so much more from online conveyancers because they have access to state-of-the-art applications to manage their cases and use the latest communication technology.

However, there is nothing stopping high street conveyancing firms from adopting such technology. And they will have a wealth of experience and knowledge of the local area that they can bring to bear on your transaction.

It all comes down to what they offer and how they go about their business. You should get a selection of quotes and read through the terms and conditions in detail to understand the comparisons between what they offer and how much they are going to charge you for the service.

If you choose Homeward Legal, you not only get an experienced proactive solicitor but also access to the latest technology and local knowledge. Call us now on 0800 038 6699 to find out more.

I have to instruct very fast Stanmore solicitors - is that your firm?

Generally solicitors are extremely procrastinating which usually adds huge misery to the house selling process.

By utilising cutting edge IT and e conveyancing systems . We always allocate property sellers a CQS solicitor who will communicate with all parties in the home buyer and seller chain e.g. freeholders, to bring about a fast conclusion.

For the purchase, my mortgage lender, we have chosen Holmesdale Building Society, is there anything we need to be aware of?

Some lenders are now limiting the firms who can act for them, potentially creating higher conveyancing costs for property purchasers. We can act for the majority of mortgage lenders, ensuring that an additional solicitor will not be required to act for your lender.

Does your solicitors firm manage auction conveyancing in Stanmore?

We are accustomed to working with property auction procedures. It is not unusual for hard to value properties such as un-mortgageable properties are purchased in auctions and these demand increased before completion. Solicitors therefore strongly advise buyers at auction to decide on a conveyancing solicitor well in advance of the auction to allow time for a full review of the sellers legal pack. Subsequently, immediately after the auction day arrives you are the property lawyer has to be focused on carry out the conveyancing process in 28 days as typically required by the conditions of sale.

Is it hard to sell a property located in a conservation area?

A conservation area is designated and managed by the local authority to ensure the unique nature of the location is maintained by placing restrictions on changes to the buildings, street furniture and green spaces to protect the architectural or historical interest of everything within the conservation area boundary.

Because of this resistance to change, this usually means homes in conservation areas are more attractive to buyers, and, as such, there may be a premium to pay over properties outside such areas. Because of the attraction of such property, they will usually sell well and quickly. However, there will need to be greater checks by the buyer’s solicitor to verify that your property conforms to the conservation area restrictions, which may add extra time to the duration of the conveyancing.

Homeward Legal's solicitors have a great deal of experience working with sales and purchases in conservation areas, so why not give our team a quick call on 0800 038 6699 right now to find out what we can do to help your plans?