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A transfer of equity occurs when a property owner wishes to change the legal ownership of the property. Reasons include marriage, divorce and tax planning.

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Conveyancing in Underwood Q & A's

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Updated: 08/12/16

Underwood is around 1 1/2 mile off the M1 junction entry 27 Southbound.

Underwood's nearest station is Langley Mill at 3 miles and Underwood's nearest airport is Tollerton, Nottingham City Airport (13 miles). East Midlands Airport is 16 miles, Tollerton Airport is 13 miles, Gamston Airport is 22 miles and Sheffield City Airport is 25 miles away.

Heanor Memorial is the most convenient hospital.


Can you confirm your cheapest fee for a £201,000 property? I am trying to find affordable conveyancing.


Numerous firms claim to offer so-called 'the cheapest conveyancing quotes', but additional charges may inflate the final invoice.


Leeds Building Society is our lender, what will we need to consider?


Traditionally, it was usually straightforward for solicitors to act for both a buyer and their lender. Buyers should know that some lenders have opted to reduce the size of their 'solicitor panel', potentially creating higher legal costs for purchasers. Homeward Legal are able to act on behalf of many CML-approved lenders, ensuring that an additional solicitor will not be required to act for your lender.


My local agent has named the property solicitor. Is it risky to use them?


Agent recommendations are a commonplace route for buyers to find a solicitor. However, if the agent is paid a fee by the solicitor, an agent may choose the solicitor willing to pay the highest referral fee, not a firm with local expertise and a solid reputation.


Do your lawyers administer auction conveyancing in Underwood?


Homeward Legal is familiar with sellers at auction. Conveyancers strongly suggest bidders to appoint a fast lawyer well in advance of the actual auction to give enough time for a detailed review. Immediately following the

auction day you are the lawyer needs to be geared up to briskly carry out the auction conveyancing process within the usual 28 days as required by the conditions of sale.


Is a property survey advisable when buying any property?


It is suggested that Underwood property purchasers arrange a property surveyor to undertake a survey. Buyers should be aware that there are a range of issues that affect a property. These can include roof damage. Such issues will not be considered during the conveyancing work itself.


Does the property report compiled by the Underwood conveyancing solicitor report back on the amount of council tax on a Band B building prior to contracts are exchanged?


A solicitor will liaise with the council to reveal the currently applicable council tax band and rates, which will be detailed in the report on title.

Correct rates for Underwood are tabled on the Ashfield local authority site. As at, 05 October 2012, the rates are:

  • Band A - £1,068.00
  • Band B - £1,246.00
  • Band C - £1,424.00
  • Band D - £1,602.00
  • Band E - £1,958.00
  • Band F - £2,314.00
  • Band G - £2,670.00
  • Band H - £3,204.00


When do you need to instruct a conveyancing solicitor to act on our purchase?


The short answer is, the earlier in the process you can instruct a solicitor, the better, as there are various tasks that can be performed immediately. Instructing a firm early for a purchase enables you can shave days off the process by having the details of your instructed solicitor ready when you make an offer, or, if you are selling a property, prior to marketing the property, documents can be prepared to make it potentially more attractive to motivated buyers.


Is it recommended to get a chancel search? We are buying a home by church land in Underwood.


In Underwood, some owners can be required to subsidise upkeep of an old church building. A chancel search is used to check that such a liability exists. Your solicitor can provide more details. Underwood church properties include Underwood St Michael & All Angels.