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Conveyancing in Welwyn Garden City Q & A's

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Updated: 20/01/18

Transport and public service information if you’re buying or selling residential property in Welwyn Garden City -

By road: Welwyn Garden City is served by the A1(M) and A414. By rail: The nearest train station is Welwyn Garden City. By air: There are eight airports close to Welwyn Garden City: London Luton Airport (12 miles), Elstree Aerodrome (16 miles), London Stansted Airport (28 miles), Northolt Jet Centre (29 miles), London Heliport (32 miles), London Heathrow Airport (34 miles), London City Airport (42 miles), and Wycombe Air Park (43 miles).

Hospital: Queen Elizabeth II, Howlands, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 4HQ. Council: Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council (www.welhat.gov.uk).

Attractions: Sherrardspark Wood, Coronation Fountain, Commonswood Nature Reserve, New Maynard Gallery, and Digswell Park.


Do Homeward Legal get involved in the conveyancing of auction properties in Welwyn Garden City?

Yes, we do. Homeward Legal’s auction experts have frequently been instructed by both sellers and buyers for the conveyancing work on properties in both local and national auctions. For the best auction experience, it is critical that you appoint your solicitor as soon as is practical and far in advance of the auction day. This allows the legal work to be started, and, for sales, for sellers’ packs to be prepared, or, in the case of buying a property, for the paperwork on the prospective purchase to be reviewed. With your solicitor completely briefed, the conveyancing can then be completed well within the legally-stipulated four-week timeframe following the auction. Try our quote calculator, or call our team of auction experts on 0800 038 6699 to obtain your fixed-fee quote.


What steps can we take to avoid paying for stamp duty to H.M. Revenue?

Stamp duty avoidance schemes are very risky and uneconomic. Homeward Legal therefore strongly advises that you don’t get involved with any of them. If the scheme fails, you could be liable for a financial penalty of up to 100% of the stamp duty, plus the amount of the outstanding duty, which could run into thousands of pounds. The government occasionally runs legitimate schemes to assist home-buyers (such as relief for first-time purchasers). Your solicitor will be able to tell you if any such schemes are in operation, and, if so, whether you are eligible.


We are purchasing a mid-terrace house in Welwyn Garden City. How do I find out if the building is in a conservation area?

Buyers in Welwyn Garden City should be aware that there are several local conservation areas, which are regions deemed to be of architectural or historical significance. The council will be able to provide more details about them, and the solicitor handling your purchase should discuss what specific restrictions are in place. In addition, a search can be ordered to see if any unplanned and unauthorised work has been carried out at the property you want to buy.


What will the council tax cost me on a Sixties, Band B maisonette in Welwyn Garden City?

As a matter of course, your conveyancing solicitor will contact the council responsible for setting the rates for each council tax band (here it is Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council – see the head of these FAQs for a link to the website). The purpose of this enquiry to establish the precise band and its associated charge, which will then be put in the report on title. For the 2016/2017 tax year, the rates were:

  • Band A - £1,028.65
  • Band B - £1,200.10
  • Band C - £1,371.54
  • Band D - £1,542.98
  • Band E - £1,885.86
  • Band F - £2,228.75
  • Band G - £2,571.63
  • Band H - £3,085.96

Retrieved on 7 March 2017


Doing your own conveyancing without the aid of a solicitor in Welwyn Garden City seems to be an attractive way of saving costs, but would it really be a good idea?

There is absolutely no legal argument why you shouldn't engage in the conveyancing process without appointing a property lawyer. However, a Welwyn Garden City conveyancer carries out a huge array of tasks (ranging from chasing any outstanding documents to ensuring the seller is the rightful owner), which really need adequate training and experience. Even more importantly, do-it-yourself conveyancers do not have the relevant indemnity insurance cover which practising legal firms are legally-obligated to take out. Call our conveyancing team on 0800 038 6699 for a fixed-fee quote.


Do I need to get a home-surveyor to check for defects affecting my purchase of a new-build house in Welwyn Garden City?

Regardless of the age of the property, it really makes sound sense for you to get a surveyor to check the property and provide a report on the structural status of the building. There are so many issues that can affect a property (e.g. rewiring requirements, evidence of subsidence, rotten timbers, and so on), but these will not be picked up in the conveyancing process.


How long should I plan for the conveyancing work in Welwyn Garden City?

The number of weeks required to sell or buy residential property will vary, and this is entirely based on a number of concerns, such as whether the property is leasehold or how swift the people and lawyers are in answering questions. 8 to 12 weeks is the average for many firms, whereas Homeward Legal’s solicitors work for a deadline of six weeks. Give us a call on 0800 038 6699 to find out more and to obtain your fixed-fee quote.


Which of the Welwyn Garden City lender panels are you on?

Our solicitors have experience working alongside most lenders in the area. A number of mortgage specialists operate in Welwyn Garden City, including:

  • Ashley Price Associates, 16 Prospect Place, Welwyn Garden City, AL6 9EN
  • Nationwide Building Society, 21 Stonehills, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6NA
  • First Union Mortgages Ltd., Garnell Business Park, Alban House, Brownfields, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1AY

Your solicitor can carry out any relevant lender-imposed searches or checks, and advise you of the associated costs and hurdles.


Our estate agent has put forward the solicitor . Will it be easier to use them?


Estate agent recommendations are a commonplace way to find a solicitor. However, if the agent is paid a fee by the solicitor, the agent may recommend the solicitor willing to pay the highest referral fee, not a firm with local expertise and a solid reputation.


What do we do to calculate stamp duty and how much should it be on a £631000 home?


The Stamp Duty that is payable is calculated based on the purchase price. For a house or flat worth £631000, the rate will be £25240.


We are purchasing in Welwyn Garden City. How do I find out if the building is in a conservation area?


Buyers in Welwyn Garden City should be aware of several local areas of conservation. The council will be able to provide more details about local areas of conservation, and the solicitor handling your purchase should discuss what specific restrictions are in place.


When in the conveyancing process do we need to instruct a conveyancer in Welwyn Garden City?


Simply, the faster you instruct the better, as there are several tasks which may be performed straight away. Prompt instruction of a conveyancing solicitor to act for you on your Welwyn Garden City transaction can reduce the likelihood of the transaction falling through.


Doing your own conveyancing without the aid of a solicitor in Welwyn Garden City appears to be becoming possible when buying and selling a maisonette , however would it really be a good idea ?


There is absolutely no argument why you shouldn't engage in the legal process without property lawyer in Welwyn Garden City.

However, a Welwyn Garden City conveyancer carries out a huge array of assignments ranging from chasing any outstanding docs and ensuring the seller is the rightful owner which really need adequate training. Even more importantly do it yourself conveyancers do not have relevant insurance cover which practicing legal firms are legally obligated to take out.


I have read about the serious flooding in the UK in April 2012, we are wondering if property environmental searches might not be exacting enough?


Flood risk searches handled by a Welwyn Garden City solicitor should also include a more detailed flood search if the risk is deemed significant.

If you are still concerned you could speak to a neighbour of the property or regional Hertfordshire flood damage builder - try Comer Construction Services, 4 Brocket Rd, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7TY Tel: 07908 090444.


What steps can we take to avoid paying for stamp duty to HM Revenue?


Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) must be paid on houses priced at over one hundred and twenty-five thousand pounds. Stamp duty avoidance must be treated with caution. Such schemes are expensive and often likely to fail.