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  1. Fixed Price Conveyancing
    Our solicitors carry out all the conveyancing work for your house move for a fixed fee.
  2. No-Completion protection*
    You will not be charged any solicitors fees, if for any reason your transaction does not complete.
  3. Local CQS-accredited Solicitors
    With local experience, our solicitors will lead you through the whole of your sale or purchase.
Fixed Fee Conveyancing

No additional fees whatsoever.

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Conveyancing In Whitley Bay Q & A's

If I want to build an extension or do other works once I move in, can I get a builder to visit to give me a quote?

There is nothing stopping you trying to organise this, so long as you set a date and time that’s acceptable to the vendor (or via their estate agent if they are unable to be there) and try to establish how long the process will take, so that this can be booked in.

This becomes particularly critical following a surveyor’s inspection where remedial works are identified and recommended. You can use the quote from the builder as a renegotiation tool on the asking price, if the work required is going to be particularly costly. If you decide to go down this route, it must be done before exchange of contracts (where you’re committing to the sale price) and you should inform your solicitor if you’ve had private discussions and agreements with the vendor over price for inclusion in the terms of the contract.

We are buying in Whitley Bay with Alliance and Leicester - is there anything I need to check?

House buyers should be aware that, over the last two years, some lenders have reduced their 'solicitor panel'. This can mean increased legal costs for property purchasers. We are able to act for most lenders to ensure that you will not need to pay the lender's legal fees.

To complete on our freehold property purchase ASAP, how do we organise a fast conveyancing process?

It is well established that fast conveyancing is essential to is to use a communicative property lawyer. There are a number of tasks you, as the buyer, can do to get moving sooner, such as, requesting regular updates from your property lawyer and keep the pressure on, answering any queries raised by the property lawyer as soon as possible and organising your finances.

Do I need a solicitor?

The quick and easy answer is that you don’t. There is no legal imperative for you to employ a solicitor to handle the conveyancing when dealing with property. However, it would be rather unwise for you to carry out the work yourself because you probably won’t have the skills, knowledge and experience to perform many of the complex tasks, and you won’t possess the indemnity insurance that all solicitors are obliged to carry to protect clients in the event that something goes wrong.

You need to appoint a solicitor who is experienced, proactive and focused so that you have the best chance of completing your transaction as early as possible. You should also look for such a solicitor who also offers ‘No Completion, No Fee’ protection so that you will only be invoiced for the fees once your transaction has completed successfully.

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What can a Whitley Bay property lawyer advise if the property I am planning to buy is within a North Tyneside council conservation area which has ill-suited dormer windows added?

North Tyneside council enquiries conducted by your Whitley Bay conveyancing solicitor as part of the conveyancing should ascertain if the property is in a designated conservation area and any evidence of permission for additions to the property will be requested.

What’s the difference between residential and commercial conveyancing?

In essence, there is very little difference between the tasks needed for residential conveyancing against commercial conveyancing. The real difference comes in the type of property and the purpose for which it is intended to be used.

The majority of residential transactions are freehold, whereas commercial transactions are almost exclusively leasehold, and commercial property conveyancing searches will tend to be more expensive because the structure and land will occupy a greater space on average than that for residential property.

My wife and I are purchasing a property in Whitley Bay. Are there any designated conservation areas in the area?

Locales deemed to be of architectural merit, such as country house estates, will be defined as areas of conservation. A lawyer will discuss the relevant responsibilities and be able to offer more information for conservation areas in Whitley Bay.

Are buyers often gazumped in Whitley Bay?

Gazumping happens when an offer is, following agreement, later rejected by the house seller and then selecting another buyer's offer. The danger of getting gazumped exists for almost any purchase. To reduce the likelihood of being gazumped, consider instructing a property solicitor as soon as possible.